The Goat and the Feather, Light and the Black (closing set)

The Goat and the Feather

Shane and Essy imagine themselves into the Dirty Thirties and dress up like country stars. Shane rests sweet and easy into her mandolin. Essy mends her dresses and digs for words in the seams. The result is a gritty-sweet take on indie country that grows hidden and tough like wild strawberries.

Light and the Black (closing set)

Light and the Black features the exquisitely fragile tension of Lucas Schwartz' writing and vocals. Reminiscent of Jeff Buckley, Iron and Wine, and the rim of a crystal glass, Light and the Black is not to be missed.

Birdsong at Morning

Masterfully crafted, and brilliantly executed, Birdsong at Morning carries a sweetness onto the stage that cannot be denied. Dedication and detail shine through; sweet spring light.


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