Killer Moon

Killer Moon is a psychedelic journey of three friends throughout the best years and times of our lives, reflected within our music. We are chasing a high mountain one that will enrich our souls, and make us better people and musicians. Our journey is one of love, anger, pain, sweat, and blood. Psychedelic jam band with classic rock and doomy sludge undertones. Extended instrumentals paired with ambient vocals make Killer Moon a must see for anyone looking to expand their mind and musical horizons.

Rabble Rabble

"Spawned in the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square, psych-grunge rockers Rabble Rabble have been known to have the loudest and rowdiest shows the city could bare. Since their first self-released LP Bangover, Andrew Kettering (Great Society Mind Destroyers) has joined Ralph Darski, Kaylee Preston, and Matt Ciarleglio and the blues/punk sound took a back seat to heavier acid-dripping riffs. Brain Hole, recorded with the help of Philip Karnats (Secret Machines, Tripping Daisy, The Polyphonic Spree), Rabble Rabble refines their sound and showcases the bands thoughtful hooks behind the drug-tinged freak-outs."

Creepy Band

Creepy Band was born on the Devils night. 5 souls came together to play one show October 30th 2010 and play they did. The combination of the guitar, bass, drums, church organ, and screaming vocals wove together in a dissonant harmony, loud yet maintaining a subtle eeriness not to be forgotten. They quickly realized that the horror must be continued and are now doomed to haunt Chicago venues forever with their distinct new genre of Creepy Rock n Roll...

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate

Members of Plastic Crimewave Sound, Moonrises, Strychnine, Great Society Mind Destroyers, Rabble Rabble



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