ElvisBride is a weird 7 piece rock and roll band with a difficulty defining itself. Combining surprising and playful arrangements, complex vocal harmonies, theatrical charisma, and a devotion to cleverly erudite lyrics, ElvisBride has forged a unique and vibrant voice in the Chicago musical community. Formed in 2009, the band has played everywhere from coffee shops and theatre festivals to full throttle, high energy rock shows, demonstrating tremendous versatility and experimentation. Imagine a whirlwind of Frank Zappa, They Might Be Giants, and the B52s. Add a little Weimar era cabaret, a little Yo La Tengo, and a little Samuel Beckett. Imagine they all wrote the weirdest Broadway show you’ve ever seen. Imagine it was really catchy. PERSONNEL: Julian Berke – Piano, Keyboard, Melodica, Vocals; Taylor Bibat – Vocals, Jaw Harp, Spoons; Casey Cunningham – Vocals, Percussion; Cat Jarboe – Bass, Theremin, Vocals; Troy Martin – Ukulele, Trombone, Vocals; Suzanne Osman – Drums, Oud, Flute, Vocals; Matt Test – Banjo, Vocals

Stephanie Rearick Jr. (Album Release)

Dreamworld by Stephanie Rearick Jr., recorded January 2013, to be released May 10, 2013.

Stephanie Rearick has been performing in bands and solo since 1993. She currently has 2 solo projects, Stephanie Rearick and Stephanie Rearick Jr. Stephanie Rearick Jr. is on Casio, trumpet and loops - it's beatier, bouncier Rearick. In addition, Rearick plays drums and sings in Dry Nurse, a 2-piece with Jon Hain (Coma Savants etc) on electric guitar. She also plays drums and shares vocal duties in Ladyscissors, a 4-piece also featuring Lorrie Hurckes on guitar and vox, Anne Bull on bass and Brent George on guitar.

And stay tuned for the new SRs., a backup band featuring vox, choreography, video and percussion. Featuring Marina Kelly, Lorrie Hurckes and Kristin Forde. Yeehaw!

The Crooked Mouth

A band for the times, both good and bad. Purveyors of original music with roots in vaudeville, The Crooked Mouth gives songwriters their due, pretends to the folksy but leans on the Brechtsy, and harmonizes on themes of loss and forbearance.

We are:
Beau O’Reilly – lead vocals and good cheer

Jenny Magnus – drums, vocals

Troy Martin – guitar, ukelele, vocals

Matt Test – banjo, accordion, piano, vocals

Vicki Walden – bass, vocals

Playwright Barrie Cole has this to say:
“Okay, The Crooked Mouth is just…I mean…Really, there is just no other band like The Crooked Mouth. The only other bands anything like The Crooked mouth are with people who are already in the Crooked Mouth or existed with people in The Crooked Mouth before there was a Crooked Mouth. What a mouth is this Crooked Mouth. Yes. The truth is, this Crooked mouth is probably crooked not for lack of orthodontia or criminal activity, but is probably that way from stretching so far in the singing of songs. What other band has songs about belonging and not showing up, the heartbreak of professionalism, and having interesting middle-age problems? Furthermore, there are stories in between about enunciation and Bruce Willis, not to mention dynamic air-cane playing, acoustic guitar played in an insane electric way among other silky, stringed things and drums to piano and back and forth and back again with a percussion in the percussion of percussion.”

The Crooked Mouth is based in Chicago, on the uvulittle record label.
Download our eponymous CD at uvulittle or CDbaby.

Daniel and The Lion

we are daniel pingrey and jimmie linville. we are a touring band from madison, wi. we play songs. we also have a blog where we say things at datlband.com

Mitch Mead

Mitch Mead's songs are equal parts heartbreak and humor, misery and mirth, sci-fi and fantasy. And each one is roughly 25% alcohol by volume. This Michigan-born, Chicago-based singer/songwriter wields an energetic and highly literate brand of folk rock that is as much melancholy as it is euphoria. Call it what you will, this is folk music that refuses to sit down.



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