The Gantry

The Gantry

"The Gantry's Years and Years has an unquestionable moxie. It's a steaming cauldron of all the right ingredients and a delve deeper will unearth potential for the perfect recipe. In a few years the band can easily stand beside giants like The Menzingers, The Fratellis, or The Gaslight Anthem." - Anthony Sorendino,

Started at a bar in Queens, NY by a bar tender and one of his regulars, The Gantry is a 4-piece Indie-Rock band with 3-part harmonies and crowd-rallying anthems. Inspired by the classics, The Gantry's songs are Americana short stories set to an indie rock soundtrack.

"The Gantry is a band that you need to be on the lookout for, and Years And Years is an album that you will regret not adding to your shelf." - Alec Cunningham, Ariel Publicity

Since the recent release of their debut album, Years And Years, The Gantry has gone on three US Tours, developed a strong NYC following, signed a licensing deal, played at Austin's SXSW Festival, and has been getting nods from industry professionals in anticipation of their next album . The band is currently recording and planning to release in Fall/Winter of 2014. Get ready for a much darker sounding Gantry.

"Years And Years is indeed an accomplishment to be proud of and this band will garner fans with little to no effort." - Rhonda Readence, Ariel Publicity

"The Gantry’s tunes are filled with soaring guitar licks and riffs, and three-part harmonies that would give Crosby, Stills and Nash a run for their money." - Brian Ossip, DC Music Live

"Feeling Good. How The Gantry Does What They Love And Loves What They Do" - Emily McNally, V23 Creative Magazine


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