Morning Teleportation

Morning Teleportation

Morning Teleportation formed in 2005 when Bowling Green, KY natives and lifelong friends Travis Goodwin (keyboards), Tres Coker (drums), and Paul Wilkerson (bass) met up with Chicago transplant Tiger Merritt (vocals/guitar), who had just moved to their hometown for college. From the beginning the band has built up a roller coaster of tumultuous rock 'n roll, featuring analog synths, heartfelt vocals, and sudden changes woven through psychedelia, electronica, and deep-space pickin' n' grinnin'. They've spent most of the past year on the road playing for enthusiastic crowds at Bonnaroo and Sasquatch and supporting the likes of The Flaming Lips, Cage The Elephant, and Modest Mouse.

To witness Morning Teleportation's live show is to experience a cacophony of improvisational mayhem draped with melodic twists and turns. Merritt's vocals dart sharply about the frantic, pulsing backbeat held down by the rhythm section, while his spacey fingerstyle guitar prowess embodies a style best described as "finger-trippin." And while their sound may be somewhat more modern than several of their cited heroes (including James Gang and CSNY), you should make no mistake: these are still some boys who want nothing more than to have a good time in the classic rock idiom.

With the combined energy of a basement party, a back-room jam session, and a futuristic hootenanny, Morning Teleportation's raucous, off-kilter explosion of enthusiasm is guaranteed to raise a smile. The band's first album, entitled Expanding Anyway, is out March 8 on Glacial Pace Recordings.

Ports of Spain

From the back of the bar, Ports of Spain instantly scan as a full band, so it's a shock to discover their mathy shoegaze-pop is constructed by just two musicians. Ilya Gitelman uses octave pedals and loops to play lead, bass and rhythm guitar simultaneously, while Sam Carlson contributes vocals, keyboards and drums. Don't be fooled -- Ports of Spain are not another band that trades directionless loopy jazz odysseys for pure songcraft. Their equipment never gets in the way of their complex melodies. They write actual songs, consistently avoiding complication for the sake of complication. They juggle tons of ideas in every song, creating a noise that's consistently about to fall apart. That it doesn't is incredible by itself. Their brilliant songs may seem like a bonus under these circumstances, but don't underrate Ports of Spain. Even as these two guys spew chaos into crowded clubs, their songwriting is always there to remind you why a grounding in planned songcraft keeps so many of the best bands tethered to excellence. Ports of Spain belong in their company. Ports of Spain have played with bands like Tera Melos, Hospitality, Beach Fossils, Fang Island, Pissed Jeans, Pile, ONWE, Speedy Ortiz, Morning Teleportation, Kal Marks, and Solids.

Lion's Teeth

Lion’s Teeth makes the kind of music you listen to with the windows down, the wind in your hair, singing at the top of your lungs. Formed in 2009 in the heart of downtown New Haven, Lions teeth combines elements of folk rock, alternative and indie rock to create music that makes you want to move your feet and sing along.

As diverse as the city in which they were formed, Lion’s Teeth is a shining example of collaboration in an increasingly disjointed world. After playing as a solo artist for several years, singer/songwriter/eternal optimist Chris Kiley enlisted bass player/sweater aficionado Rob Aceto and drummer/yahtzee expert Mike Knobloch to form a full band. Lions Teeth quickly became known for their memorable melodies and rich vocal harmonies, recording their first 3 song EP in late 2010 and opening for national act Cage the Elephant at Toad’s Place.

Mid-2011, The band recruited guitarist Ian Biggs to add a third vocal part and expand the Lion’s Teeth sound with his massive guitar leads. With a new member and new songs, Lion’s Teeth is in the process recording a new EP, which will be released in early 2013.

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