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The My Oh Mys

The My Oh Mys are a 5-peice rock band from Portland Oregon. Formed by the unholy alliance of really short people, really tall people, one normal sized person and one REALLY hungry person and forged in the blazing fire of handfulls of gigs in front of at least a few folks we aren't directly related to, The My Oh Mys play rock music for the people with no regard to decibel level, grammar, or proper stage-attire.

The band consists of Jeff Baxter, Anders Bergstrom, Tom Nunes, Bones Caragol and Ezra Holbrook, all former or current members of some of the NW's most beloved bands (The Decemberists, Jive Talking Robots, Triclops Organ Trio, Rob Stroup & the Blame, The Minus 5, Curtis Salgado, The ForReals, Jeremy Wilson, Dr. Theopolis, Redray Frazier). We are currently preparing to release our first full length record "A Howl Against the Wind" in the spring/summer of 2013 with shows/tour dates to follow.

Dan Jones recorded and performed solo and with various Eugene, Oregon bands from the late 90's through 2013, when he relocated to Kansas City, Missouri. The Eugene Weekly called Dan "the bed-headed poet laureate of Eugene. More of a verbal fix-it man than a lyricist, Jones finds beauty in the ordinary while coaxing poetry from things most writers leave in the garage. His songs are delivered in a Neil Young-esque holler or Lou Reed-style talk/sing... Those who’ve been around Eugene a while are familiar with the many incarnations of Dan Jones — acoustic troubador, rock ’n’ roll bandleader with the Squids, and with…The Golden Motors."
In 2008,The Willamette Week suggested that Dan "delivers something like a more mature, less crazy Daniel Johnston vibe and keeps it rockin' thanks to the lo-fi fuzz of able backers The Squids." Early in his troubadour days circa 2000 The Willamette Week declared that "any given verse of his songs packs more wit than a roomful of singer-songwriters could must in a month of open mics." He released 5 studio albums and one EP with a posthumous Golden Motors album prepping for release this year.
Playing solo and as a bandleader Jones shared bills with Mike Watt, fIREHOSE, John Doe, Curt Kirkwood, Calvin Johnson, Dinosaur Jr, Steve Wynn, The Decemberists, The Minus 5, Roy Harper, Peter Case, Stew, James McMurtry, Arthur Lee, and of course umpteen hundred local and touring bands who, on any given night, could be the greatest band on earth. He now fronts SquidsKC in KCMO, where he also manages subcontract fabrication for an architectural signage firm. This is his first trip back to the Northwest, where he'll be backed by The For Reals, featuring friends and collaborators Tom Nunes, Micah Kassel, and Norm Buccola.

Redray Frazier

[SOUL ROCK] Sitting on a stool, acoustic guitar in hand, Redray Frazier leans in close to the microphone, talking in a tone that would be little more than a whisper without the aid of Imbibe’s sound system: “I’m Redray Frazier,” he says. “Thanks for coming out and supporting local music.” And then Frazier does what he does best—delivers a soulful mix of rock, folk and blues, seamlessly flowing each style together into one unique sound that ignites the spirit.
With the release of his long-awaited solo debut, Follow Me, Frazier has finally immortalized the sound that’s made him one of Portland’s best-kept musical secrets for the better part of five years (ever since he relocated to Portland from NYC). Originally conceived as two individual EPs—one acoustic, the other electronic—Frazier instead opted to release a single disc that showcases the diversity that defines his live shows. Equally adept at performing mellow, spiritual sets with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and singing with the intensity of a gospel-touting revivalist in front of a full band, Frazier’s versatility shines through on Follow Me.
The ease with which he moves between an eclectic mix of styles can best be heard on the two versions of “Knockin’ on Your Door,” one of Frazier’s signature live numbers—and the only song on Follow Me to get both the acoustic and electronic treatment. A frustrated confession of desire, the acoustic version of the song stays close to its sweaty blues roots; Frazier plays his guitar with a furious intensity that recalls Richie Havens at Woodstock. By contrast, the electronic remix opts to frame Frazier’s desperation in a hypnotic, seductive rhythm: Over beats by Keith Schreiner (Auditory Sculpture, Dahlia, Suckapunch), Frazier admits, “When my soul’s in need of it/ It’s me knockin’ on your door.”
Frazier’s musical journey—from his youth spent in popular New York-based hip-hop/soul group Funky Poets to stints with the C+C Music Factory-produced Brat Pack and the critically acclaimed Mosaic—has lasted nearly 20 years and covered a lot of territory. But, with the release of Follow Me, the now-30-something singer-songwriter has truly come into his own. Communicating in a language perfected by such varying influences as Otis Redding, Nina Simone and John Lennon, Frazier possesses the innate ability to cut to the musical chase. Like an old friend standing at your side, hand firmly on your shoulder while whispering in your ear, Frazier’s music speaks clearly to the heart and soul.

Originally Published on May 9th, 2007 Willamette Week



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