The International Swingers

The International Swingers is a rock & roll band. A group of mates who live and love music, and who like nothing better than to get on a stage and thrash the guitars and drums and play some organic, rockin’ tunes. Clem Burke is the drummer. People know Clem as a founding member of Blondie. He’s also played with Bob Dylan and The Eurythmics. On bass is Glen Matlock, of Sex Pistols fame. After that Glen formed The Rich Kids and wrote and recorded with Iggy Pop. Guitarist James Stevenson played with Gen X, Chelsea and Gene Loves Jezebel, among others. My name is Gary Twinn, singer for Twenty Flight Rockers, and Speedtwinn. But it’s because of my tenor with Australian band Supernaut that this story takes place.

The Trouble With Monkeys

The Trouble With Monkeys is NOT a tribute band that scrupulously Xeroxes the sound and look of the fab Monkees. We play the hits, of course, but we rock them out and punk them up, and unleash those beautiful '60s melodies with a firestorm of loud guitars, pounding grooves, and soaring vocals.

Band Interests
Melody! Vocals! Groove! Bombastic Guitars!

Artists We Also Like
Local Bay Area acts such as Malice Cooper, Duran Duran Duran, Punk Floyd, Chick Jagger, Stung, Zeparella, Madam and the Ants, Jean Genies, and the whole tribute-band community!


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Red Devil Lounge

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