Saturdays Off the 405 with Geographer

In the summer of 2005, after a series of deaths in the family, Michael Deni left his hometown in New Jersey for San Francisco. He spent the next several months with his guitar and a synthesizer, turning that tragedy into the songs that would soon become the foundation for Geographer. With the additions of cellist Nathan Blaz and drummer Brian Ostreicher, Geographer spent the next year cutting their teeth in the Bay Area, winning over crowds with the heart-pounding epics that make up their debut record, ‘Innocent Ghosts’. After being selected one of three ‘Undiscovered Bands You Need To Hear Now’ by SPIN Magazine and garnering considerable word-of-mouth praise from their energetic live shows, the band signed to San Francisco-based label Tricycle Records, releasing a 7” single for the song ‘Kites’ in October 2009. ‘Animal Shapes’ follows up ‘Kites’, building on the synth-driven aesthetic of the single, while irting with darker, more esoteric underpinnings. The record merges Geographer’s aptitude for crafting beautiful, haunting melodies with textural sounds and polyrhythmic energy, marking an evolution of their distinct style. With the overwhelming response to the release of ‘Kites’ and ‘Animal Shapes’, punctuated by a dynamic and engaging live set, the band has already begun to make an indelible mark on the ears of music fans worldwide.

DJ Mario Cotto (KCRW)

Working as a KCRW DJ is a dream come true for Mario Cotto, a preacher's kid from North Philadelphia.

A former middle school teacher and improviser, Mario moved to LA to pursue a career in sketch comedy. He started volunteering at KCRW, assisting longtime DJ's Eric J. Lawrence, Jason Bentley, Chris Douridas and Tom Schnabel. Once Mario realized he was spending more time at the station than at the theater, he knew this was where he belonged.

His first 5 records were Menudo's Quiero Rock, Michael Jackson's Thriller, The Beatles' Rubber Soul, Michael W. Smith's Project and -- unbeknownst to his parents -- The Beastie Boys' License to Ill

His sound is inspired by; strong coffee, Marcel Duchamp's ready-mades, the NuYorican Poet's Café, SAMO, Philadelphia's Making Time, Blade Runner, golden-age hip hop, Manchester, Repo Records, arroz con pollo, shell-top sneakers with New Yorker laces, ESPO, Tristan Tzara's 1918 manifesto, breakfast cereal, comic books, and metropolitan railways.

Free - RSVP at DoLA

Free - RSVP at DoLA

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