Monday Night Residency with HOTT MT

Hour Of The Time Majesty Twelve (HOTT MT) is an experimental pop group based in Los Angeles. Together they create gritty realms of psychedelic fantasy that reflect the dusty shimmer of east hollywood. Since their formation in 2012, the group has collaborated on recordings with: The Flaming Lips, Ariel Pink, Erykah Badu, and Ke$ha, They have also opened for: The Flaming Lips, Bat For Lashes and Galaxie 500.

Dark Furs is a female-fronted independent rock band. Founded in East Los Angeles, a chance connection in 2011 between UK-raised vocalist Suzanne May and LA native Chad Philipps sparked an immediate songwriting partnership. They mix intricate melody lines and commanding vocals with dark and dreamy instrumentals to create their own brand of "Mood Rock." In 2013, the duo headed into the studio to record their self-titled EP with producer Dan Long (Henry Clay People, Local Natives) which BuzzBands.LA described as "a sophisticated reverie" and landed them on multiple Bands to Watch lists. They recently completed the recording of their follow-up EP at Jim Henson Studios with producer Nico Essig, slated for a Spring release. Dark Furs is ready to kick off 2014 with new music, videos, and an international tour.

Fever the Ghost

FEVER THE GHOST became a band in 2013 under direct supervision from the Swell Swan corporation. They have been charged with sparkling* the Los Angeles music scene. Failure to do so will result in catastrophic DNA alterations for band-members Casper, Bobby, Mason & Nick-O, the details of which have not been disclosed to them by the corporation. The first 45 RPM record of 'Rounder' b/w 'Her Earth' was produced by Luther Russell under strict orders from Swell Swann as an analog recording, ensuring musical 'cleanliness', according to corporation guidelines. Though originally the spiritual brainchild of Casper, the strangely 'touched' seer, FEVER THE GHOST will from this point forward release artworks in various musical forms under the umbrella of Swell Swann--until further notified. It is imperative that their sparkling* is enjoyed by as many receptors* as possible, due to the fact that Swell Swann is keeping precise 'count'. There is nothing further to add at this time.

* Sparkling: the musical fertilization of souls via energy-dust formed by the vibrations from a performance or recording.

*Receptors: those beings who are receptive to the sparkling.


The music of Los Angeles band Motordrone is a testosterone-driven shock to the system, the musical equivalent of a battle-scarred El Camino roaring to life from within the bowels of a junkyard in East L.A. Dominic Massaro's growling electric guitar and monotone vocal delivery has the effect of a cobra hypnotizing its prey prior to devouring it whole, while Sam Gallagher's guttural drumming awakens the primal beast that hibernates within us all. Sir Ian Webber is the rock solid foundation of a bass player that keep these other two dudes from flying into the stratosphere. All this over the top machismo is counter balanced with the hauntingly quiet and frail vocal delivery of the strong and beautiful Deja Howell. But don't worry, she's a real life stunt woman by day. Motordrone is the soundtrack to an action flick we each secretly fantasize about starring in, where every man is John Rambo and every woman is Sarah Connor. Each song transports the listener into a scene where his or her potential to be a stone-cold badass is endless. Fists are flying, bottles are being smashed, manes are whipping, clothes are coming off, and everyone is making out. Motordrone creates a sound that triggers the most basic primitive urges, reminding us that no matter how advanced our technology becomes, we're all still human.

Soft Metals

SOFT METALS bring their dreamy femme-fronted analog synth sounds back to the Echo stage, armed with amazing new collection of songs from their forthcoming new LP due out in July on Captured Tracks. Think of the more minimal/melodic moments of Throbbing Gristle & the Chris And Cosey that came after & you’ll be getting close to these now not so distant dreams...

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