Monday Night Residency with HOTT MT

Hour Of The Time Majesty Twelve (HOTT MT) is an experimental pop group based in Los Angeles. Together they create gritty realms of psychedelic fantasy that reflect the dusty shimmer of east hollywood. Since their formation in 2012, the group has collaborated on recordings with: The Flaming Lips, Ariel Pink, Erykah Badu, and Ke$ha, They have also opened for: The Flaming Lips, Bat For Lashes and Galaxie 500.

Jeans Wilder

Hugely impressive debut album of kaleidoscopic psych-pop tropes from Socal's Jeans Wilder aka Andrew Caddick, coming after a triumphant split with Best Coast and cassettes for Night People and Bathetic. 'Nice Trash' was recorded between summer 2008-2010 at weedcave one (need to go there) and 1010, effortlessly ghosting a range of classically dreamy R&B, eerie H-Pop and colder, synthier moments, always eluding concrete classifications yet all bathed in a shy and sensitive feel for teenaged pop melancholy. From the warbling electronic loops and Panda Bear-esque vocal harmonies of 'Be My Shade' we're subsumed by breathtaking drone-pop in 'Blanket Mountain', strongly reminding of that awesome Six Six Seconds 7" on Downwards or even Grouper's druggiest shimmers, while 'Don't Wanna Live Forever' moves sideways into jagged, ferric midi-funk with a strange chamber-pop finish and 'International Water' reflects on narcotically screwed and deliciously romantic synthpop. Deeper in, the eerie 50s R&B of 'In My Dreams' instantly reminds of Villa Nah's superlative Au Revoir Simone 7" remix and the psychoacoustic lo-fi mixing trickery of 'Let's Share This Space' confirm that this is a very, very special debut album for fans of all matters H-Pop, from LA Vampires to Ducktails, Blissed Out to Hype Williams. Highly recommended!


" this is really power-pop like it's supposed to be — hooky, raw and cheerfully bitter beneath the cuteness, just like Alex Chilton used to make. A Corso lyric such as "I don't have much, but I have a true heart" may sound like something Jonathan Richman would sing very sincerely, but Cotillon's recent Votive Flower EP is soaked in plenty of sarcasm, too. Corso's got a voice somewhere between Daniel Johnston and The Only Ones' super-sneerer Peter Perrett. In songs like "I Wanna Move to Paris" or "Dream Girl/Infection Suite," he pours a bottle of drain cleaner into the human heart: "You gave me an infection, just like you meant to," goes one opening line. That's not love, but it sounds true nonetheless. Chris Ziegler (LA Weekly) "

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