Dirty Names

Hailing from the mid Atlantic region of the U.S.A, Dirty Names (formerly The Names) have arrived with the purpose of bringing back the lost art of pure Rock and Roll with a new twist. This up and coming band is comprised of five young men who have been playing music since they could shake a rattle. Dirty Names are: Harrison Cofer on guitar, Matt Rose on drums, Kit Whitacre on guitar and Sam Wetterau on bass guitar with each member featured on vocals. The Dirty Names are currently touring the east coast, spreading their gospel and building a Rock and Roll community.
What's next for the Dirty Names? Continuing to deliver the high caliber, high energy shows that they are known for at a venue near you.
So get off your ass and go see a Dirty Names show!!!

Antique Animals is a band of misfits formed by Joseph Shuck in the summer of 2010, in Jacksonville, FL. What began as a 2 piece acoustic folk group, quickly transformed into a 6 piece band whose sound is a melting pot of alternative, folk, rock, pop, and Americana. Backed by local Jacksonville musicians Milan Algood (drums), Michael Boff (bass), Angel Garcia (keys), Daniel Hunting (guitar), and Sergio Valdes (trumpet), Shuck gives life to his songs through passionate live performance, and soulful songwriting.

In addition to playing regularly around the Jacksonville area, the band has opened for singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez’s band “Junip” in June of 2011, David Dondero in September of 2012, and the indie/punk band "Titus Andronicus" in October of 2012. Their first self-titled EP was released in June 2012, with a subsequent tour through the lower east coast.

The band grabbed the attention of Jacksonville artist, Shaun Thurston, who provides the artwork for their EP.

Though many often struggle categorizing the band’s sound, some have likened them to groups like Beirut, Arcade Fire, Junip, and Radiohead. As for influences on the band itself, they range across the entire spectrum of music, though Shuck says simply, “Science…history, dreams, stories, people.”

Almost as endearing as the music they play, it is the spirit with which they play it in a live setting that has gained them a strong following in the Jacksonville area. Each show has become synonymous with fun, and celebration. The music encourages you to ask questions, to reflect, and to hopefully learn.

$5.00 - $8.00


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