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Filligar is an alternative/indie rock band recently described as “one of the best young bands in America.” They have toured to enthusiastic audiences all over the world—from North and South America to Europe and the Middle East. Filligar’s latest record Hexagon (Decade Records, 2013) has been named “Best New Music” by American Songwriter Magazine and “a fresh take on indie rock” by Paste Magazine, while their previous release was nominated “Best Rock Album” at the 2012 Independent Music Awards. By appointment of the U.S. State Department, Filligar has served as cultural ambassadors representing “the best of the U.S. arts community” to Azerbaijan, Kuwait, and Guyana. They are prolific and creative recording artists with another new album in the pipeline for release in 2014.

The 4onthefloor

The 4onthefloor's new album, Spirit Of Minneapolis, evokes the spirit of American rebellion. That same pioneering spirit that brought us everything from modern aviation to rock & roll. Harnessing that spirit, the band is using it to break down modern music's barriers down to our basic musical traditions. That ageless sound of rock & roll isn't what it used to be, but the rumble of stomping feet emanating from Minneapolis is an omen of great things on the horizon.

The 4/4 beating of the bass drums recalls the American ideal of onward and upward, turning our prevailing spirits to the sky after a reaching the end of the land. The 4-barreled onslaught can be a train building up steam right behind you, the king of the jungle chasing you down, or your wheels on the highway. It's the soundtrack of America moving forward.

Delta blues, classic rock, and a lifetime of attentive listening have produced a sound whose time has come. The energetic and powerful delivery of this band cannot be overstated. Their huge, soulful anthems leave nothing on the floor as Gabriel Douglas' guttural howl soars through the ether.

There's a readiness to be found in listeners now. The fervor of discovery and innovation is coming back to the American masses and the excitement surrounding the birth of rock & roll is now roaring out of the doldrums with a fury. Let go. Take flight. Indulge in life's pleasures and stomp with them.

Something Like A Monument

Imagine for a moment, with the considerably less logical hemisphere of your brain, Blues personified as man—derelict, aging and bloated, howling his newest ode for his latest, estranged lover on a street corner soapbox where no one is listening. He would be unbearable! Blues atop his podium, every passerby stampeding like cattle past him to escape his depressing white noise. Hungry for acceptance, Blues would plot to kill and assume the identity of Prog.

Prog, a man wrought with youthful vitality, would be held in high esteem for being a pioneer, an eclectic, a dabbler in the weird, and an all-around good-timer. But his naivety, this is what Blues would prey upon. One night in an alley outside a gutter bar, slitting Prog’s throat and separating the skin from his face so that he could wear it as his own. His plan complete, Blues would harbor the burden of his newly acquired persona hoping to be embraced as Prog was, carrying with him the only remnants of his former self: the women on his mind and the whiskey on his breath.

To describe the music of Something Like A Monument would be to say just that: blues bursting through its veil to become prog but never entirely forgetting where it began. Driven by heavy grooves splashed intermittently with odd time signatures, guitar and bass lines that venture into the realm of dissonance but always returning for the resolve, and vocals akin to caramel burnt to the bottom of an unwashed frying pan, Something Like A Monument is a wildly explorative collaboration that begs its listeners to answer only one question:

How well can you shake your ass?

Mo Lowda and the Humble

"The Soundtrack to your life. " This is how the three piece Philadelphia alt rock act describes their musical intent. They pull inspiration from artists like Local Natives, Van Morrison, RHCP, My Morning Jacket, and Bon Iver.

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