Photoreal, Secret Cove, The Highway, Thick As Theives


The members of Photoreal have been touring and recording together for several years, previously as part of the band Ayurveda. Determined to take the music in a very different direction, Diwas Gurung, Dan Halperin, and Mike Parker disbanded Ayurveda to begin the new project. Photoreal represents the opportunity for these three musicians to create something artistic, modern, and accessible. They follow the recent trend of using software as the host for an array of sounds, while still focusing on the craft of songwriting and performing with instruments. As this is a brand new act, they are currently focused on producing content and releasing singles. The music falls somewhere in between rock and electronic music.

Secret Cove

Secret Cove began on a flight between London, England and Accra, Ghana. The music has carried the five constituents from London to Boston, Silver Lake to Brussels, and a cottage in Michigan to a loft in New York City. The product is a combination of public transportation and existential angst, brought to life by Johnny Zachman, Kimberly Bunker, Phil Abbott, Sandy Canosa, and Mike Parker.

The Highway

The New York-based psychedelic rock band The Highway came into being nearly a decade ago. Daniel Tortoledo (vocals and bass), Adam Douglass (guitar), Griffin McMahon (keys) and Ted MacInnes (drums) connected over shared influences, both earthly and intangible: Philosophy. Perspective. The vastness of outer space. Mysticism. Hitchcock’s psychological mindfucks. Grassy fields and dense forests. Color. The expansiveness of the United States. The result of their collaboration is a singular sound—one that has the ability to completely take you over. Within the cacophonous, but highly orchestrated, rock trances is a writing process steeped in tradition. The Highway adheres to the mantra of less is more, and there is order here in the chaos of sound. Starting with simple chords, the band creates a spacious structure in which to elaborate. Adding psychedelic arrangements and soulful lyrics (sung with fervor by Daniel Tortoledo) they infect with potent nostalgia. They elicit a feeling of having discovered something entirely new. Their songs ebb and flow, often building to a riot—a well-crafted wall of sound, punctuated by the tweaked out echoes of dreams and philosophical spoken lyrics. In September 2010, The Highway released their first album: Forest People. And after a month-long winter tour of the US, The Highway returned home with the basis for their sophomore album. In June (2012), they laid down their new tracks at a Converse-sponsored studio in NYC. Very soon in March 1 the band is hitting the road with the hopes of coming back to the city with new material to be recorded soon.

Thick As Theives

Thick as Theives is a bombastic, irreverent rock 'n roll band founded on the back of thunderous drums and gritty, fuzz-fueled guitar riffs.


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