The Sweet Ones

The Sweet Ones

The men of TSO are Matt, Mike, and Doug. Steeped in Bill Murray, Home -Schooled by Mike Watt, spent time abroad with Jonathan Richman, Built fires with Neil Young, Spray painted walls with the SEX PISTOLS, Got stoned with the Dead, joined a book club with Guided By Voices and you know the rest...


Bret the one man band began on July 23rd 1981 at about 2:11pm. It all began with high pitched screaming vocals as he entered the world. soon rhythm and melodies took shape, and as soon as Bret found out about ska, it was all over. Bret the one man band started the Glueseaspiders(CT ska band) in 1996, playing shows with, Reel big fish, Spring heeled jack, Pilfers, Big D and the kids table, Slackers, the Toasters, the Allstonians, along with many more CT ska bands. After the 1999 breakup of the Glueseaspiders, Bret the one man band decided to acually be a one man band. It started with a self titled cassette tape filled with pop punk and ska. less than 100 copies were distributed. In 2003 the cd Bret the one man band is totally in your face, was released. another album filled with pop punk and ska. Bret continued to play shows, promoting totally in your face until 2008, when he finally released "a collection of songs, coins and stamps." Now Bret is currently keeping ska alive in Hartford CT as a one man band, working on a new album that should be out in summer 2010. Playing shows and rocking hard!

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