Oliver Bravado

Three guys who play instruments decided to play those instruments together.

The Denver City Saltlicks

The Denver City Saltlicks, DCS, have been in the Denver music scene as of late 2004. They write original tunes that have that old time feel. You'd swear you were sittin' on your grandma's front porch drinking whiskey iced tea watching the sun bounce off the family still. Ahh..... They also revamp some old traditional tunes with their unique style. With the genre of the band being bluegrass at it's core, they drown the songs with rock, punk, and surf tendencies. You do not want to miss a Denver City Saltlick show, because with these characters, anything can happen. You will never see a band have so much fun on stage. They seriously start a party. 'Bama Slim largely makes this band what it is. He fronts with his Mandobird or amped ukulele with a gentle yet screaming presence. He brings a real "metal-grass" sound that could rip through steel. Cate Hate, who is 'Bama's sister, actually rips through steel on her washboard. With her punk rock background she brings a real fuck you mentality. Does this girl have bloody knuckles...yes! Dray serves a beat down on the drums and won't take no for an answer. Oh, get daddy a beer! And, George on bass. He rounds it out sweetly with his rich tone. Perfection... The band's sound comes from anywhere and everywhere. "It sounds like someone spit in your daiquiri and threw dirt in your eyes, but in a good way." says Cate. This band is perfectly mixed with folk/punk/bluegrass/surf/rock/, "but it's pure Olde-Tyme Core. It's anything you want it to be, but we want it to be something that kicks up your heels." The Denver City Saltlicks have a sound that is familiar, but a sound you've never heard. Their family feel and fun party attitude comes through in every song. Surprisingly, it comes together quite smoothly and the unique after taste will linger way after the night is over.

The Cowboy Dave Band

Bio: Hillbilly yuckster by day, Saturday-morning-cartoon hero by night,
Cowboy Dave and his band of honky-tonk all-stars are poised to put the
western back in country and western. Known to many as the deadpanned
FortyTwenty frontman and fiddle player, Cowboy Dave Wilson has spent the
better part of this decade honing his craft throughout the honky-tonks of
the Midwest and South.

The debut Cowboy Dave recording, a six-song EP, was released on Slackjaw
Records. With the help and guidance of Emmy-nominated producer Greg
Kincheloe, the album features an array of gritty, country-flavored
cowbilly songs penned by Wilson.

The Denver-based group brings a plethora of experience to its high-energy
live show, drawing on influences ranging from the Bakersfield sound to
straight-up Western Swing. In its short existence, the Cowboy Dave Band
has been touring regionally, playing shows on the road with such acts as
David Allan Coe, Junior Brown, Wayne Hancock, the Derailers, Jason Boland
and the Stragglers, Chuck Mead, Split Lip Rayfield, Aaron Watson and
Stoney LaRue.

The group of Front Range veterans includes Glenn Taylor (pedal steel),
Scott Johnson (doghouse bass), Adam Stern (guitar) and Andy Walters
The EP is being supported by a healthy string of tour dates, so look for
the Cowboy Dave Band in a honky-tonk near you. And when there is trouble,
rest assured, Cowboy Dave will be there.

Jami Lunde

Jami's 2nd album Big Black Birds to be released 2011 features Chris Funk of The Decemberists, Eben Grace, Jack Leahy, Todd Patrick Livingston,
Ian Morclock, Greg McRae and Brian Schey on Awnry Girl Records



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