"Trippy, ethereal hip hop/folk ... it's a weird combination that is delicious to the ear." --Real Detroit Weekly

"Nothing But Our Love is semi-acoustic but the beat is tough and the electronics swirling, with some of the dreamy psychedelicacy of Flaming Lips or Freelance Whales. Simple Girl begins with whistling and has the freewheeling melodicism of early McCartney or Steve Stills – the refrain is pure Marrakesh Express, only the song is given a psych-ish sheen to indicate that this is indie or alt-rock not Guilty Pleasures ironic. Vocal Chords opens with a solemn Beach Boys chorale before giving way to hi-life guitar, a bouncy rhythm and ecstatic chorus that wouldn't be out of place on a Vampire Weekend album." --Guardian UK

American Royalty (DJ)

American Royalty is a psych-pop three piece that constructs an unlikely yet glowingly functional blend of dark psychedelic rock and poignant electronica. This creative soundscape is topped off by the two vocal leads of Marc Gilfry and Billy Scher, whose pipes both seem to fall somewhere in the realm of where blues and soul meet back on the other side.

The hard working trio spent most of 2012 on the road, from SXSW to CMJ, resting in LA only for a month to play a residency at The Echo and record their new EP (coming February 2013). Their unique and seasoned approach to the stage is one of the reasons why KCRW highlighted them as one of the "LA bands to watch at CMJ 2012", and earned them support slots for a wide roster of talent including Metronomy, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Digitalism, The Presets, Ladyhawke, Hanni El Khatib and more.

Having recently relocated from Los Angeles to Brooklyn at the start of 2013, this will not only be their first play of the year, but also their first play as New Yorkers.

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