Waiting For Signal

Band biographies are almost always complete shit. We know this. So we won’t waste your time with self indulging nonsense about when this guy met that guy...

Here is what you should know:

- Heavy / Never Metal / Rock / Alternative / Indie / With a hook
- 4 members (Gene - Vox/Guitar, Ryan - Guitar/Vox, Brent - Bass, and Justin - Drums)
- Kansas City, Missouri (Home)
- Think Failure, QOTSA, Depeche Mode, Shiner, Interpol, Muse (What they say)
- Two EPs Released, (The Catastrophe EP and The Division EP) another in the oven.

We write, record, produce, release, tour, and promote independently
We make fancy noises with guitars
We want to be exposed to more people

Now listen and drop us a line if you feel so inclined.

Heroes + Villains

Bringing you the rhythms of the universe.

Sons Of Great Dane

Brent Windler: Guitar/Vocals
Nolle Bond: Bass
Evanjohn: Guitar
John Yeates: Drums



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