Death Ray

Death Ray

90's Pop Punk with heavy use of synthesizers and drum machines, high energy shows often known to cause amnesia.
"Rem­i­nis­cent of the mid 90′s Pop Punk scene that erupted and brought such greats as Green Day and Off­spring, Death Ray feeds off that clas­sic sound and breathes life into an oth­er­wise for­got­ten scene. Their use of syn­the­siz­ers give them a very unique, yet oddly famil­iar sound. It’s as if they were the open­ing act for Green Day, after the show they all fell asleep on a magic couch that cat­a­pulted them 15 years ahead into the future. With­out think­ing twice, they picked up their gui­tars, drum machines, and syn­the­siz­ers and con­tin­ued tour­ing as if they were still in the hay day of the Pop Punk scene. Upon real­iz­ing that it was 2012 and not 1995, all they could do was tat­too the term “We’re Bring­ing It Back” on their chests and con­tinue liv­ing the dream." - Nick Orlando, The Seasons Performance Hall

Four Arm Shiver

Four Arm Shiver plays crunchy Punk/powerpop, out of Lawrence, KS. They have released 3 demos and are working on a debut record.



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