Find Your Muse Open Mic with featured artist Vitek

Find Your Muse Open Mic

Find Your Muse Open Mic is Charlotte's premier open mic night. Each week we feature a special guest performer from around the region. Come out and see some of the area's best up & coming talent perform their latest original tunes. Always a fun time, hosted by the semi-hilarious Mr. Erik Button. Look forward to the start of a great Monday night at 7:30pm as you are greeted by the rest of our FYM team; Aaaaron at the door, Donniebaseball behind the bar serving up cold ones, and Normal Dennis doing his best at making it all sound great from behind the board. Sign ups are at 7:45, so come out and get your time slot. Participate in The "Bad-Ass" of the Week, and maybe win a $20 gift card.


That’s not a lost verse, a new age mantra, or a bit of self help advice. Well, not quite. It’s the mission statement of VITEK: a 5
piece selection of Nashville’s most forward thinking musicians, whose relentless creativity is as infectious as their grooves.
The band pairs heartfelt songs with heady textures, treating even the simplest idea with reverence. VITEK’s ornate soundscapes delight the ears and inspire the feet. As their mission statement implies, this is music that demands action. The band presents its message with a unified sense of evolution and excitement.
Rhythms and melodies seem to come from all directions simultaneously while members play as many as 3 instruments at once. Worldwide influences are refracted into shimmering bursts of energy and expression. Organic voices and horn blasts sit atop synthesized pulses and distorted experimentations. If truth is ever
onward and upward, this collective called VITEK pursues nothing less than verity.

Robert Gay
Anthony Jorissen
Scott Shirock
Brady Surface
Gabrahm Vitek



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