VANDEEVER is the song-singing, record-making, globetrotting project penned and put forth by alt-folk tunesmith Mark Charles Heidinger. Born in Ohio, raised in Kentucky, and currently camped out in the nation’s capital, Vandaveer offers up melodic Americana that is both haunting and easy, forlorn and welcoming, with stories as universal as the songs they inhabit.

VANDAVEER “revives the earnestness of the pre-psychedelic 60’s,” says The Washington Post, while XM Cafe has dubbed Mark Charles “this generation’s Nick Drake.” Following their highly successful Dig Down Deep release, Vandaveer’s 5th and "brand new album of very old songs", Oh, Willie, Please, is available online & in stores April 30 in the U.S. Inspired by their recent participation in The 78 Project, they gathered in a majestic old home on a picturesque horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky in the spring of 2012 and set to work re-imagining a collection of age-old murder ballads and songs of self ruin plucked almost entirely from the public domain. With longtime producer Duane Lundy once again at the helm, Vandaveer moved swiftly through the selected catalog, recording most of the tracks live in the manor's great room. The result is a spacious, honest album that balances reverence and respect for the source material with a healthy coat of contemporary color.

Mike Musikanto

MUSIKANTO walks the line between Indie-Blues and Urban Americana, while borrowing elements of Experimental Folk and Broken-down Orchestral music.
Growing up listening to his father's obscure folk & roots records he was taught music through the likes of Fraser and Debolt and Jerry Hahn.
With heartbreaking ballads and melodic melodrama, Musikanto's songs have the grind of a Chicago winter and the soul of a Midwestern bon-fire.. it's as sincere as it gets.

With an honest comparison, MUSIKANTO carries the lyrical weight of folks like Leonard Cohen, the back road sense of Leon Russelland the driving tone of Ray Lamontagne or Amos Lee. His narratives rattle the core of the human spirit leaving you feeling like an outsider who witnessed something very real.

After years of touring and writing, Musikanto set out to record his best record to date. Making countless drives from Chicago to Wisconsin and back, where he wrote and recorded at friend's house, he found the solitude of the drives peaceful and a perfect canvas for re-writing lyrics and peicing together instrumentation he heard in his head as he drove. These late night and early morning drives helped the songs evolved and gradually became unchangeable.

Every song has its own intrinsic ambiance, the vocals are transparent and there is very little overdubbing. An extremely personal and deep album.
It's a first person narrative where Musikanto pours his heart and soul, then it's perfectly quiet as he waits for his answers.

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