Jack O' The Clock

Jack O’ The Clock brings a quietly giddy sort of energy to the intersection of American folk songwriting and experimental music. The group's sound, a jangly mix of concert-hall agility, acoustic rock drive, and junk shop scouring, is characterized by tight vocal harmonies and intricate arrangements for unusual combinations of instruments made possible by the varied musical experience and multi-instrumentalism of its five members, who have played everything from new music to art metal to fingerstyle folk to free improvisation, sometimes in the same concert. Jack O' The Clock's recordings go beyond the group's live sound to incorporate bits of on-location percussion, found sounds, clandestinely recorded monologues, city noise, and various birds and insects, as well as a number of guest musicians and singers.

Jack O' The Clock's music has conjured comparisons to Sufjan Stevens, Henry Cow, Frank Zappa, and Philip Glass, and the lyrics, with a penchant for outsider narratives and involute imagery, to Joanna Newsom and Fables-era R.E.M. This is a band entranced by and dedicated to songs, which it crafts with resolute attention to voice, melody, and storytelling. These songs are embodiments of the small, magisterial, inane, inspired, and pedestrian voices of everyday people and staticky news reports filtered through a string of sleepless nights. Your weird neighbors and relatives squawking back at you at 5AM.

Darren Johnston's Broken Shadows Family Band

Since settling in San Francisco in 1997, Canada-born trumpeter/composer/songwriter Darren Johnston has collaborated and recorded with an extremely diverse cross-section of artists, yet always finds ways to be true to his own unique voice in each context. From straight-ahead jazz luminaries such as bassist/composer Marcus Shelby, to experimental icons like ROVA, Fred Frith and Myra Melford, rising star in the singer/songwriter world like Meklit Hadero, or traditional Balkan brass band giants Brass Menazeri. As a bandleader he has made his mark with the award winning The Nice Guy Trio, The Darren Johnston Quintet, the category defying Broken Shadows, and more.

Tom Lattanand

Keeping alive the blood, beauty, and desire in his music and playing, Tom Lattanand expresses a unique voice as a guitarist, composer, song writer, and producer. His 2011 release, the entirely instrumental solo guitar album Stone Seat View, is a fluid, cohesive piece—combining the raw unpredictability of emotion with the felt sense of patterns in nature: rings, whorls, knots.

Employing a mix of a finger style technique and percussive rhythms to the steel string acoustic—Stone Seat View utters simultaneous melodic voices with dense sonic textures from a single instrument. Many of the compositions were born from place-based improvisations; pitch-black portraits of the desert and open sea. Moody as a storm coming, or lava cooling after fire. Watching Lattanand perform solo, one has the sense that he is engaged in a duet with the unseen, playing a language in which he is endeavoring to name his own sound.

The raw and subtle solo repertoire developed as a contrast to Lattanand's other various musical endeavors. The Oakland based band Ettie Street Project showcases a tech savvy musicality and virtuosity. An array of tools at their disposal, Ettie Street Project utilizes loopers and synths within multilayered compositions. In ESP, Lattanand plays electric guitar with a Hendrix-like intensity, mixing in funk rhythms, while balancing dissonance with soul. His blues playing is undeniably powerful, yet he is not afraid to explore complex harmony. The deep whispery quality of his vocals adds the intimate human element over the groove. Ettie Street Project showcases the multidimensional aspects of Tom as a musician and composer in the band setting. The overall sound is powerful, ambient, bluesy, danceable, and textured.

In 1977, 1 year old Tom Lattanand moved with his family from Thailand to the United States. Years of classical piano lessons segued, at age 11, to the guitar. He was a teenager who listened to hair metal, classing rock, and the 'alternative' bands of the first Lollapalooza festivals. College was focused on studying classical guitar and composition, while listening to music in the likes of Stravinski, Bach, Mozart, Miles Davis, and Coltrane. Tom moved to San Francisco in 1998 to meet up with close musician friends and further etch his path. After many years firmly rooted in the Bay Area, Tom continues to practice a musical nomadism, allowing him to collaborate with artists of all stripes and grooves.

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