Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Hillbenders

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen

Former Alaskan, Frank Solivan, is a monster mandolinist making big waves nationally these days. His original music has climbed to the tops of radio charts
coast to coast and his band is featured at major music festivals across the country. His band, Dirty Kitchen is stocked with hot musicians that really cook. Anchored by powerhouse Dan Booth on the doghouse bass, infused with Mike Munford's exquisite tone and jaw-dropping technique and peppered with fiery
guitar solos from phenom Chris Luquette, you hear power, you hear volume,you hear crispness, clarity, timing and taste, all combined with passion and drive. Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen has quickly gained a reputation as a
dynamic group exhibiting the perfect blend of serious skill, heartfelt passion and
an enthusiastic live show.


Formed in the spring of 2008, the band's members hail from distant corners of the U.S. but now base themselves in Springfield, MO. Rooted in the traditions of bluegrass, The HillBenders push the boundaries of the genre by combining influences from country, rock, blues, jazz and Americana into their sound to produce something entirely new. Some say it's newgrass, some say it's bluegrass, some say it's neither, but everyone says that whatever it is, it's incredible!

Five in the Chamber

Five in the Chamber is a New Haven, Connecticut based bluegrass band that drives hard and carries a big pick. They respect the tradition. They respect the trailblazers. And they respect the renegade outlaws. Our final product is an eclectic balance of unique music which both reinterprets and redefines the bluegrass songbook.

Formed in 2011, the band has spent the last several years building a catalog of original catalog that showcase the group’s strong vocals, musicianship, and passion for genre busting. The band released their debut album in the Fall of 2013 entitled Live in the Chamber to rave reviews and is currently working on a new EP.

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