Adam Traore, aka A-1, might be the next S.F. rapper poised for wider success. The first-generation U.S. citizen, son of parents from West Africa and Italy, A-1 treads a fine line between what would've once been considered conscious rap — giving lip-service to positivity and self-awareness — with party-ready anthems about girls and weed. The Thurl Tape, his release from last fall, mixes zeitgeist-y beats and production with guest spots from Roach Gigz, Little Dragon, and Dregs One. But Traore's agile rhymes and likable, disarming persona keep the spotlight firmly planted on him throughout.

T-Ran & Friends

The state of Hip Hop is at a turning point. With many artists attempting to take over the internet with the next popular hook, very few are focusing on the soul of Hip Hop. As an upcoming artist, the Oakland, CA native T-Ran (born Ta’Darrell Randolph) plans to bring the essence back.

He describes his music as raw emotion and expression; it is a pure reflection of him. "Never was a sand box kid used that time to dream/Knew the power of them before I knew of Dr. King/ Look now I am living one/ and imma live it up until my livings done," T-Ran spits over “The Intro” track. At the age of 21, he wakes up every day with a musical mindset. He takes pride in being a lyricist who refuses to conform to society. T-Ran will continue to dream, believe and execute to change the unbalanced state of Hip Hop to an industry filled with love, passion and substance.

If Oakland lyricist RGLND (pronounced rag-land) could use one word to describe
himself, it’d probably be “raunchy.” The free-minded rapper is a member of the
talented collective known as Life Before Time (LBT). Though young, RGLND has
a ton of musical accomplishments under his belt, from gracing the stage in front
of thousands at Hiero Day to performing with TDE’s Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar,
and Schoolboy Q. Hip Hop legends, Tajai and Pep Love of the Hieroglyphics, have
recognized RGLND’s talent and participated in a cypher alongside him and fellow
LBT rapper, T-Ran. 4 years in the game, it’s obvious that RGLND has already made
major moves, but after seeing him perform, one can only anticipate what he has
coming next.

Recording Artist, Hails from South Central, Resides in SF. Planning on world domination.

Beejus, a rising start from West Oakland Califronia. Got his start at a very young age watching his father create and promote music. At the age of 19 Beejus decided to try his hand at making a career from his music. Influenced by past greats such as Micheal Jackson and 2pac. As well as newer artist/bands, Jay-Z and Kanye West, and Kings of Leon. Beejus provides a sound and perspective that is rarely seen within hip hop. He’s opened up for Elzhi, Zion I, The Grouch, and Eligh among other diverse artist. Performed in and around the greater Bay Area, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Austin, and Lowell Massachusetts. Had a song spun on 106.1 KMEL as well as various online radio shows. He’s recently released his single “Take That” which is produced by MKSMTH of HyperSpace Music and is working on releasing his next project, which is to be released in late summer. The future is bright for this young artist.

Know It All

Being half California hippie slash left- wing social activist working man slash screw it all lets go party, KnowItAll is as eclectic as they come. Hailing from Oakland, CA, KnowIt bears a soul influenced by the positives and negatives of the town’s checkered history. He displays a social consciousness melded with a street smart edge that universally captures the ears and minds of both suburbia and ghetto America.

If you give this KnowItAll a long and complicated math problem he’s not going to go all “Rain Man” and conjure up the correct answer. His abilities are right minded in nature. KnowItAll or KnowIt, as he prefers to be called, is a hybrid MC/ Producer/ Songwriter/ Programmer/ and sometimes singer when in the right mood. He’s most known for being the bearded, glasses wearing lyricist in the energetic musical collective League510. As a solo artist KnowItAll’s sound is a bit more mellow yet still just as electric and synthesizer based as the tunes that League510 fans came to love.


Founded in West Oakland, CaliMade Music is a Bay Area collective to look out for. And they have few to credit on their upcoming success generally relying on each other. Dayvid Michael, Steve Shankle, Kosby, Clyde Shankle, Carbyne and Billy Bob Shankle have made a name for themselves in the Oakland Hip Hop circuit through their compelling visuals and live “Lavish Nights” summer live shows thrown entirely by themselves. Each member has a unique style of their own; from Clyde’s wavy Berkeley-esque flow to Steve’s semi-conscious rap lyrical content. But somehow it all comes together when the group is on stage. With production from The Invasion’s Kuya Beats and show openings for Erk tha Jerk, it’s obvious that this collective is already grabbing the right attention.

Vell Taylor

Oakland, California has birthed many diverse contributions to Hip-hop over the past four decades though it’s more notable conquests have come from acts not as indicative of the broader scope of lifestyles indigenous to “The Town”. While many found their niche in “MOB music” and others may have found success during the “Hyphy movement”. There have been few consistent rap artists to come from Oakland and flourish. West Oakland, in particular, has been incubating one such artist with the potential of defying the stigmas that have been associated with Oakland’s rap for many years now.

DJ Tap.10

DJ Tap.10 is surrounded by sound. Towers of blue Berkeley Farms plastic stay stacked in his studio, packed with wax. But he’s a DJ, not a collector, and he has a deep understanding of everything-music. From New Wave to Nu Jazz, Dancehall Reggae to Downtempo, Hip-Hop to House, he has it all and knows how to play it.

$10 adv - $15 dos


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