Vetta Star

Vetta Star

Vetta Star is composed of drummer and vocalist Brandon Meagher, keyboardist and vocalist Joey Genetti, and guitarists Paul Edelman and Charlie Fitz. The four came together at the Lamont School of Music at theUniversity of Denver in 2009, studying jazz and commercial music. Soon to release their debut self-titled EP on November 2nd, 2012, the band is more excited than ever to perform the new EP in their hometown, Denver, and expand into surrounding regions. Please visit their website and Facebook page for more information about their debut EP release and future shows.

Storm Circus

Kansas City, MO based folk duo following in the footsteps of The Civil Wars, Bon Iver and Dashboard Confessional. All the while charging forward with a new sound and a new wave of music.

My Good I

Hot Cheeze Soup is a melting of many distinct musical talents. By cleverly mixing the clean, crisp shredding of Chris Carter’s Guitar, the cherubic and voluminous tone of Will Kilduff’s voice, the melodic mauling of Charlie “the Meerkat” on the hand drums, and the pertinacious pounding of Jorge Urie on the Kit, HCS has created a unique and refreshing style all of its own. HCS believes in one true thing: WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MUSIC. We hope that all of you agree. If you would like to melt with us into this bread-bowl that we call life, BECOME OUR FRIEND, OR COME CHECK OUT A SHOW! Also, check out the other local musicians that we have become friends with. We have worked regularly with Kenny Lee Young, My Friend Tom and Gunjumper and have met many other talented people. Thank you all for helping us get better and grow as a band!

Very few rock bands are capable of wowing people right out of the gate. It usually starts with a half recorded demo here, another half recorded demo there, empty bars, empty promises and then you finally get to the good stuff.

In February 2011, four young men who were tired of such a pattern gathered in an empty church to discuss their dreams, aspirations and what they were going to do about it. The idea was to create the music they've always wanted, spend all the money they had and make the best music they've ever been apart of.

The group enlisted producer Michael Rossback to help them craft the sounds that they were striving for and to help the songs come to life. "The whole thing was a big experiment. None of us had worked with a producer before and the biggest thing was, the band had yet to even play music together in a room." says Aaron Wagner, the groups frontman, "when we got to Rossback we had only laid ideas down piece by piece in a computer, never anything more. Rossback would then make us play everything as a live band when we arrived at his house and that's when things came to life. There was a chemistry and sense of trust between us all."

August rolled around and after months of working, Medic had finished their first EP. Five songs that had stolen the very breath away from all who would hear and with a developed sound that felt like they had been around for 10 years, the band started to play around the Denver area with the intent to stun the audience. They are succeeding. Bassist Drew Barnard explains: "We went in to this just wanting to make music with hope. Music that made people feel like they were understood and the shows feel like that; like we are reaching an understanding between us and the audience that hope is alive and well."

"In the midst of the trials that we go through these days, I think we are just tired of the same old. Anyone can make art these days. It's so accessible to make and promote and yet most of it is so negative. It was wearing on us. Medic is about something new, we are about creating a community of thinkers, dreamers and believers that aim for something positive. This world will continue to fall apart if we keep talking about how it's falling apart. But what if we dare to be the people to figure out ways to put things back together? That's our platform. That maybe our music can be apart of someones healing process and spread from there." says Aaron.

So maybe it is time for something new. New songs to sing, new dreams to dream. Maybe Medic is formed out of four guys who might be what we call idealists. But maybe it's time for us to leave the cynicism behind and begin to embrace hope.

Maybe it's time for a new beginning. Let us welcome, Medic.

Hillary Hand

When listening to Hillary's music you would never know that this amazing songwriter, vocalist, and pianist has only been writing songs since 2011. While this endearing Colorado born musician has been playing piano since the age of 6, it took her 17 years to put the pen to paper and write her first song.

Unlike many her age, she didn't spend her time walled up, glued to a screen, or caught up in the tedium of everyday life. Traveling the world, finding love, and starting a family, her busy life is quite clearly a pool of inspiration that she draws from.

With lyrics that suggest a maturity usually reserved for those far older than Hillary, and arrangements that captivate, you can expect nothing short of brilliance from this artist in the years to come.

With songs that take you from soft, soulful, vocals over a flowing melody to searing electronic instrumentals with haunting choruses, Hillary Hand is tough to nail down. Listening to her music is like hearing the passing of the seasons in a 3 minute time frame. Her delicate and breathy vocals carry you in gently, and leave you in a pounding storm of instrumentation, harmonies, and aggressiveness. But she brings you through the experience so masterfully, that what should be a dizzying array of influences and sounds becomes a cohesive journey that you never want to stop revisiting.

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