Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Presents: SHOW & PROVE Superbowl

Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Presents: SHOW & PROVE Superbowl

"Show & Prove" the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival's competition to find the opening act(s) for the annual celebration of Hip-Hop Music and Culture is back and ready to put on the next great MC (or singer, or dancer, or bassist or fire-eater).

While it is the 9th year of the Festival, it is the 5th year of the "Show & Prove" competition. This makes it one of the longest running Hip-Hop events in New York City. Marilyn Alonzo, Marketing Director for Brooklyn Bodega and The Festival added, "Hip-Hop years are like dog years so to be around consistently for this long is rare. 'Show & Prove' is one of our favorite Festival events because it embodies our mission in a very specific way. No fuss, no hype. Just skills. That will get you on that big stage. The meritocracy of it all is the way you run every aspect of what we do."


DyMe-A-DuZin is the epitome of a rising star. Since emerging onto the music scene, the 21-year-old rap phenom has garnered the attention of hip-hop aficionados and music execs alike. The Brooklyn emcee wrote his first song at the age of 11, produced his first music video at the age of 14 and landed a major recording contract with Warner Bros Records at the age of 19.

DyMez captures the unique essence of a dynamic generation through his music, persona, and style. His lyricism acts as a breath of fresh air amongst the realms of mainstream hip-hop and though inspired by pioneers and influencers of rap, DyMez has succeeded in constructing a delivery that is distinctive to him alone.

This distinction has paved the way for this budding artist to work with hip-hop heavyweights, most notably producers Plain Pat and Emile who were featured on DyMez’ “20=X ” mixtape. As a solo artist and as the front-man of Brooklyn’s own Phony Ppl, DyMez has had the opportunity to open for the likes of Theophilus London, Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli and The Roots.

A captivating live performer, DyMez has graced stages locally and internationally with performances at venues such as SOB’s, The Knitting Factory, Highline Ballroom, House of Blues, Club Nokia, The Roxy, The Fillmore, and the fabulous Club Koko in London; music festivals and events, such as Howard Homecoming, Afropunk ; Collegiate, Howard and Virginia Universities.

Through his music and performances, DyMez continues to build his following. He has gained steady traction on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and with a solid start, DyMe-A-DuZin is ready to propel his career to the next level.

The highly anticipated “A Portrait Of Donnovan” mixtape, DyMez first project with Warner Bros, features production by Plain Pat, Kaslo, Emile, Harry Fraud and Omen, and is a masterpiece to be uncovered. As the title presumes, the mixtape will draw listeners closer to the emcee - painting a clear picture of the skills, artistry, and unique perspective that DyMez has to offer to hip-hop’s world stage.

In preparation for the release, DyMez released videos for “Swank Sinatra” featuring Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, and the late Capital Steez, as well as “New Brooklyn”, which premiered on Jay-Z’s Life+ Times site, and instantly hit the airwaves of New York’s Hot 97 Peter Rosenberg’s show, major blogs, and media outlets. DyMez rounds off the pre-release offerings with the introspective “Memories,” which features production by Harry Fraud and the New Brooklyn Remix which featured the Flatbush Zombies & the Underachievers.


Born and raised in the rough streets of "Gun Wavin'" New Haven, Connecticut, Cambatta The Visionary knew from an early age he would be a star. He took to writing rhymes to escape the struggles and pitfalls of the streets and by 18 built a buzz in the city. He had bigger dreams though so after graduating high school he booked a one way flight to Florida to take his career to the next level.

Building an even bigger following with his signature witty marijuana-induced punch lines and deep story telling reminiscent of legends like Nas and Eminem, Cambatta released his first 2 projects "The Visionary" and Visionary 2 in 2009 and 2010 respectively. After taking a break to further hone his craft he released Smoke & Mirrors in January 2013 to rave reviews and signed to the independent company Phantome Digital, led by Brooklyn rapper Nino Bless. "If you mix Erykah Badu with Jay Z's 'Reasonable Doubt' you get Cambatta," says Nino Bless.

With Visionary 3 and Smoke & Mirrors 2 on the way, backed by a strong dedicated team that fully believes in his talents, Cambatta is poised to be a breakout star in 2013.

Jahshua Smith

Jahshua Smith’s wardrobe tells as much of a story as his music. Despite rocking the latest designer streetwear, he rarely leaves home without his wristband that sports the Pan-African flag. Smith’s conscious, sociopolitical lyrics about his experiences in Detroit hit just as hard as his fly, cocksure rhymes—and that balance has a platinum-selling producer, some of Michigan’s most respected rap names, and a league of blogs and fans behind him.

“My music is an extension of the things I learn,” says Smith, who was recognized in the DXNext column on top web site HipHopDX in July 2011. “After so long of rapping about the experiences of my adolescence, I knew that speaking on the things I learned in college would balance out my arsenal.”

Smith has music in his blood – his great grandfather, Motown Records Executive Music Director Maurice King, oversaw projects by legends such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Gladys Knight for ten years. Jahshua began his own career as an affiliate of Dramasetters Productions, a stable that crafted beats for iconic Harlem rap group The Diplomats. After the group dissembled, he continued as a solo emcee under the name JYoung the General. Influenced by legends like 2Pac, Nas and AZ, he paired a multi-syllabic flow with lyrics that honored rap’s traditional braggadocio while maintaining a keen awareness and opinion of Detroit and the world around him. His 2006 debut, The Megaman Mixtape, earned online acclaim and a development deal with Universal Records that he declined to finish his tenure in college.

“Turning down that deal was a tough decision, especially with the momentum I had built up,”Smith remembers. “But I knew that things would work out the way they needed to.”

After graduating from Michigan State University and leaving his post as co-host of the campus hip-hop radio show Cultural Vibe, he continued to pay dues. Singles such as the female-friendly “She Likes Me” and the uplifting “Black Nationalists” nabbed college and Internet radio spins, and earned placements on top web sites such as HipHopDX. He opened for the likes of Wiz Khalifa, eLZhi (of Slum Village) and others, and co-hosted two monthly hip-hop nights in Lansing, Mich. Smith also co-founded BLAT! Pack, a Michigan collective of music professionals that have won various city, state and national competitions since its inception.

In March 2010, he teamed with DangerousNEGRO Apparel and Nick Speed—Detroit in-house producer for 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records—to create Black History Year: Installment One. Inspired by his passion for African American studies and his day job as a residential counselor for at-risk youth, he aimed to enlighten listeners on complex issues in a digestible, entertaining way. The project was featured on prominent blogs such as 2DopeBoyz, and helped Smith fatten his show resume with performances around the region. The next month, he dropped Jahshua 1:6, an EP that satisfied fans with favorites like the aforementioned “She Likes Me” and “Black Nationalists.”

In the sequel to Black History Year: Installment Two, Smith raised the stakes by enlisting Michigan hip-hop staples like OneBeLo, Mae Day, and Buff1 for guest appearances, and T. Calmese to help cover topics like the Black Panther Party and gentrification. Nick Speed returned to executive produce, and joined as a sponsor. The album’s success earned Jahshua rave reviews, recognition on XXL’s “The Break,” and performance slots on HipHopDX’s 2011 A3C Hip-Hop Festival, MissDimplez’ unofficial SXSW showcase, and Vans Warped Tour.

After his video for “Censored” burned the ‘Net with coverage from AllHipHop, Ashley Outrageous, COMPLEX and 2DopBoyz, Jahshua Smith has teamed with YouHeardThatNew for his new album, “The Final Season.” As his first effort outside of his old moniker JYoung The General, Jahshua uses the opportunity to showcase his layered persona. “Censored” and “Say The Words” tackle issues such as systematic racism and sexual abuse, while songs like “Butt” and “Carry On” brim with carefree energy. With another critically-acclaimed record under his belt, the BLAT! Pack general’s winning streak continues.

Noah Caine

They say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. In the case of artist Noah Caine, what didn't kill him, not only made him stronger, it found its way into his music.

At the tender age of 10, Noah's home in Flatbush, Brooklyn was riddled by bullets in a drive-by shooting. The following year, he and his family moved to the notorious neighborhood of Southside Jamaica in Queens. This is where he would call home. Noah channeled the pain of that ordeal into his newly discovered talent for rhyming. He learned early that he had an affinity for jazz and classic R&B, and quickly fell in love with the music of legends like Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker and Nina Simone. He was also a devoted follower of hip hop and its culture. Rap greats like The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Black Thought and Mos Def were always in heavy rotation. All of which are influences you can hear reflected in his own music.

Caine's most recent release "The Pre-Season" has been well received in his hometown as well as on the online hip hop outlets such as The Source Magazine, 2Dopeboyz, etc. The project received over 3,000 + downloads within its first month and has led to performances at some of New York City's legendary venues like Webster Hall, Brooklyn's Southpaw, Public Assemby, as well as Santo's Party House in Manhattan and more.

Noah Caine's upcoming 2013 release "Rookie Season" has been herald by Refined Hype as a highly anticipated album of the year andNoah has been stamped "Unsigned Hype" by Best of Both Offices.

Kon Boogie

Close your eyes and imagine that you had never heard Hip Hop. That you had never been influenced by the culture - the beat box, the clothes, the sound, the graffiti, the DJ, nor the command of the MC. Just think if Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five never gave you "The Message" or if Common never "Used to Love H.E.R". Who or where or what would you be, because we both know that you wouldn't be ...the person you are now.

Let's say today you turned on the radio and your ears were instantaneously filled with a newness. A newness that ran through your body with total disregard to the overwhelming residue it left on every emotion you have ever felt. It identified with every experience - your highs, your lows, your triumphs, your ills. This newness was altogether beautiful and ugly and dark and radiant. It took you to all the places that you wanted to be, and every place you wanted to run from - so you stood there in the middle of its womb and was reborn.

Can you remember the first time you felt like this? Now, can you remember the last? Its difficult because much of present day Hip Hop lacks this "newness". To the extent that many Hip Hop heads argue if it's even Hip Hop. But if you look deep enough, you will always find a true diamond in the rough - an artist that embodies the culture. An artist that effortlessly awakens those, once, celebrated emotions with a sound -with a newness- comparable to his own.

Ladies and Gentlemen I like to, formally introduce you to Kon Boogie...

Fed up with the lack of love from local producers and fellow MC’s, Kon Boogie took matters into his own hands. His thirst for musical knowledge pushed him to the edge. At age 13, he would make a life changing decision. He was through with being patient… he understood now what it took to be an Independent artist.

Born and raised in Jackson Heights/Corona, Queens in a Cuban household, he was exposed to a variety of Latin music at an early age. His father was an avid collector of Old Latino Boleros and classic Soul music from the 60's and 70's which greatly influenced and helped shape Kon's musical character. His music describes his adolescence, his love and his thirst. His music describes his plight to be more.

First mastering a free piece of production software on his PC then buying his first MPC at age 17, Rapper and Producer he decided it was time to take his artistry to the next level. Having the opportunity to advance in what he loved, he was accepted into the Institute of Audio Research and received an audio engineering degree. Now having the skill and knowledge to manipulate his talent into a generated income, he was producing beats for many talented underground and legendary MC’s such as Blahzay, Lil Fame of MOP, and Thaitanium to engineering and mixing/mastering music projects for many local artists on the scene. However, paying the rent wasn’t enough. His passion and lust for rhyming was beginning to over power him.

In 2010, it was time to bring his MCing prowess to light. Unsure of how his craft would be accepted, he released his first EP “Above the Clouds” to a new brand of people. Show after show, open mic after open mic, with much praise/hype from his new fans and bravado from his newfound confidence, Kon had decided on a release party. Drawing a crowd of over 200 people and packing out location Public Assembly, in Brooklyn, NY he discovered his stride and need to reach an even higher level of impression.

Shortly after, in the momentum of things, he released another project in March 2011 entitled "LIKE IT or LOVE IT." With industry beats varying from Producers like Kanye West to J Dilla to Nottz and Hi-Tek, this mixtape would display what a true mixtape inspired him during times of his first experience with Hip Hop, in a form blended by DJ Dyllemma.

In between both projects Rapper Kon Boogie’s been strategically piecing together his debut album "My Glorious Imperfection." In August 2011, he released his latest single and video, "Victory Lap" (which is the first single release off project, “My Glorious Imperfection”).

Arraying Heart, Soul and Struggle in the highest quality possible, Kon Boogie’s presented his music at shows for such artists as, Joe Budden, Masta Ace, Rah Digga, Immortal Technique and Blu to name a few. Currently working with independent artists such as Silent Knight, Erin Barra, Brown Bag Allstars, Tenille, Mazzi, ASR and prevailing with a live punch to the gut neo-soul-hiphop-rock band, “Death.By.Plastic” (his newest project in the work), proves the limitless and endless variety and progression in his music. BONG!

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