Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Presents: SHOW & PROVE Superbowl

Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Presents: SHOW & PROVE Superbowl

"Show & Prove" the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival's competition to find the opening act(s) for the annual celebration of Hip-Hop Music and Culture is back and ready to put on the next great MC (or singer, or dancer, or bassist or fire-eater).

While it is the 9th year of the Festival, it is the 5th year of the "Show & Prove" competition. This makes it one of the longest running Hip-Hop events in New York City. Marilyn Alonzo, Marketing Director for Brooklyn Bodega and The Festival added, "Hip-Hop years are like dog years so to be around consistently for this long is rare. 'Show & Prove' is one of our favorite Festival events because it embodies our mission in a very specific way. No fuss, no hype. Just skills. That will get you on that big stage. The meritocracy of it all is the way you run every aspect of what we do."

Boom Bits

Boom Bits has been performing Hip-Hop, jazz and soul in NYC for the past 6 years led by MC, Reggie Rey aka Anonymous, the brain child behind the eclectic band Boom Bits. Boom Bits is a collective of musicians including Soul/Jazz/Opera Singer Jessi with MCs Nix Hazard and Guestos, drummer Jeff Hatcher, bassist Matt Rosenthal, percussionist Ray Boogie, Trumpet player Nick Mauro, guitarist Kute Tonge and key boardist Isamu McGregor, that create music essential for the soul.

Their influences stretch to a wide variety of musicians and artists from jazz greats Miles Davis and Eddie Palmieri, to surrealist icons Salvador Dali and Fridha Kahlo. They recently released their debut EP "What's Cookin In Tha Meltin' Pot?!" with a new single 'U-N-I Verse.'

Rio Azul

Bronx native Rio follows his own isms and indulges in the satisfaction of connecting with others emotionally. He speaks the truth and aims at keeping the integrity of Hip-Hop as a whole. Peace, love & unity are Rio’s motivation, while degradation, disrespect and dishonor are not Rio's forte. For him, it's all for the love.

Rio has an old school flow reminiscent of a Slim Shady or Nas with styles ranging from quick and multi-syllabic to a smooth, storytelling cadence. His music speaks of his daily struggles and personal life. Rio’s here to bring something fresh and new to the table for Hip-Hop, the culture that he loves so much, while putting the Bronx back on the map.


Queens’ Sinnagi & O7 were two independent solo artists on the verge of releasing their first full length albums. With a history that went back for more than ten years, the two decided to collaborate on a project that turned into seventeen songs and the concept album “A Picture is worth..” was born. The two performed have performed in a number of shows throughout NYC, and have released a series of mixtape/EP “5 Finger Discount."

Sinnagi & O7 make honest music that takes a hard look at their lives and the world around them. The creative soundscape provided by these artists is sure to inspire and satisfy Hip-Hop heads and music lovers alike for years to come.

Chi City

Chi City is said to be a lyrical assassin whose rhymes take you back to a time when the industry was filled with true, heartfelt Hip-Hop music. Initially inspired by a performance by Lil Bow Wow as a child, the mind of a lyrical genius was sparked at the tender age of eleven. He gathered skill as a songwriter, taking his influences, like Jay Z, Kanye West, Twista, Do or Die and Ludacris, and using them to shape his own style.

Growing up in Chicago’s infamous gang culture, Chi City has the street credibility to appeal to anyone in any hood in any city and the lyrical substance to attract the hardest of “Hip Hop Heads.” His music illustrates how he persevered through unfortunate events in his past and uses the knowledge he gained as a child to stay motivated and continue perfecting his craft. He’s ever present in the lab continuing to work steadfast on creating a new formula for success.

$5.00 - $8.00


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