Romero, Whisky Pig, Underground Day 1, One Last Run

A clever blend of classic & modern rock & metal sounds, saturated with memorable hooks, monstrous riffs, chest pounding rhythms & irrepressible vocal harmonies. Thick, gigantic layers of guitars complimented by intelligent drumming and an utter wall of earth pummeling bass. ROMERO is considered in the “Sounds Like” category of Queens Of The Stoneage, Baroness, The Melvins & The Sword.

Whisky Pig

Crudeness is no obstacle for Whisky Pig. With it's hardcore metal and punk sound, and clever, tongue-in-cheek attitude, this band knows how to have a fun, crazy time. Singing of corruption and wickedness, Whisky Pig's energy and let-loose vibe allows for a wild show where seriousness can take a break.

Underground Day 1

One Last Run

A relative newcomer to the Madison music scene, One Last Run was born out of jams between guitarists Christian Westleigh and Alex Librie, and vocalist Morgan Boland. Influenced on one side by biting alternative rock like Taking Back Sunday and Silverstein, and on the other by heavy metal standards Iron Maiden and Coheed & Cambria, the trio were soon writing songs. When good friend Zach Brommerich joined on bass, the band embarked on a months-long search for a drummer. After some careful consideration, Green Bay native Henry Seroogy was invited into the fold, adding a crucial dimension to the songwriting process.


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