Groundislava [FoF, Wedidit] (Record Release Party!)

Groundislava [FoF, Wedidit] (Record Release Party!)

Emerging from the endless summers of Venice, CA to teaming up with Shlohmo, Jonwayne, D33J, RL Grime and more to form the Wedidit crew, Jasper Patterson aka Groundislava has transformed from bashful video gamer to full-fledged composer. The son of Michael Patterson (who directed A-Ha’s standout music video “Take On Me” and Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract”), Groundislava has roots that draw from 80s nostalgia, TV and pop culture that grow and transform into the 21st Century aesthetic of electronic music.

Recently tapped for official remixes of Slugabed and Shlohmo as well as Kutmah’s Brownswood compilation, Groundislava returns with the ‘Feel Me’ LP, the follow-up full-length to his self-titled 2011 debut. A mature step for the artist, ‘Feel Me’ showcases Groundislava’s unique sensibilities for developing sweeping soundscapes, luscious backdrops and somber tracks in a distinct sound all his own.

The subdued groove and melancholic melodies of tracks like “Suicide Mission” featuring ghostly vocals from Baths and “Bottle Service” featuring Shlohmo balance the big room dynamics and technicolor soundscape of tracks like “Olympia 2011” and the bass heavy boom of “Cool Party”. On others, like “TV Dream” featuring the enigmatic Clive Tanaka, Groundislava composes an ebullient ode to a friendship’s inception, soaking it in summery vibes and phantom playfulness.

‘Feel Me’ is available now on Friends of Friends. Cool to him.

"FUR's particular brand of amorphous, water-logged electronic music trades nostalgia for a vague sense of dread. Imagine Geodaddi-era Boards of Canada, if BoC spent more time watching Slumber Party Massacre and less time studying the sounds of BBC Radiophonic Workshop."
-Pitchfork (Track Review: 8/10)

"(Clears Throat is a) filtered, after-hours disco gem. This is a funky piece of post-latenight magic that sounds like french house on quaaludes."

"This sonic spellcaster's magical and moving debut makes you feel nostalgic for a childhood you never quite had."

"(Lackadaisical)'s 'heard-through-a-transatlantic-cable beats' are disorienting and mildly frightening, like waking up from a nightmare before realizing that all that scary stuff you just experienced was not actually real"

Here's another pleasantly disorienting number from adventurous Atlanta beat-maker Patrick Loggins, aka Time Wharp. Built on a series of ridiculously over-the-top sawtooth waves, a stumbling drum kit, and a sonically abused jazz chord progression, "Cuspcake" is psychedelic lounge music, somewhere between Animal Collective and UK bass/dubstep producers like Velour or Optimum. --Noam Klar, Don't Die Wondering

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