Paulie Fest

Paulie Fest

After the tragic death of Paulie Heenan on November 9, 2012, a group of his family and friends came together to form Paulie’s Gift. Through this group, we seek to keep Paulie’s memory alive and honor his life by supporting projects that reflect some of Paulie’s core principles: his love of music, his eagerness to lend a hand and his desire to bring people together.

"A slinky, sexy, sophisticated mix of indie, electro and soul; like if the Purple One fronted Death Cab For Cutie." - MTV Buzzworthy
"This totally, TOTALLY addictive piece of laid-back, twinkling Minneapolis funkiness, has us mercilessly hooked." - NME

All Tiny Creatures

All Tiny Creatures are back with their second album Dark Clock, coming out May 28th on Hometapes, the Portland-based label home to Matthew E. White, Bear In Heaven & Megafaun. “This is like pop music from an alternate universe,” says Thomas Wincek, the founder of the Wisconsin-based four-piece. Hearing the urgent, upbeat, breathy direction of the first single “Quickest Cut,” you’re transported to a land where every child was raised on a steady diet of Steve Reich, King Crimson, the Beach Boys, and Def Leppard.

Lorenzo's Music

A rock band, with experimental styled pop. Tom Waits is always a reference; Man Man, Firewater, TV on the Radio and The White Stripes are also summoned.

Their sound is not unlike a band of swaggering Lotharios caught between yesteryear and today. The three time Madison Area Music Award winner’s sound combines the sax-powered crunch of Morphine with the crazed-circus gypsy-swing genius of Firewater. Tom Ray’s addictive voice rasps and growls over grimy guitar, saxophone, and all kinds of slinky rhythms. Mark Whitcomb’s off-the-cuff brilliance as a guitar player is extremely engaging… —sometimes a little swing, sometimes a little Balkan, but always elusive and infectious.

When Vocalist Tom Ray first named the concept that would become the band Lorenzo’s Music back in the early 90’s, he may not have imagined that many eclectic yet palpable recordings would be made, about a hundred songs would be co-written with other lorenzo-ites, and thanks to a nonstop web presence, a worldwide following would be built for the band.

Likewise, engineer and guitarist Mark Whitcomb first recorded Lorenzo’s self titled ep on a 4 track recorder, he probably didn’t know that he would one day own and operate one of the elite recording and production houses in the Midwest.

As a band that reinvents itself with every new record, 2008 finds a new Lorenzo’s Album ”Bazar”, their 4th studio record, which is released under Creative Commons License like the 3 previous records. Mostly a rock record, with a slight venture into experimental styled pop. Tom Waits is always a reference; Man Man, Firewater as well. But there is more to the appropriations that exist on ”Bazar”. Styles of Fripp, the Latin Playboys, TV on the Radio and the The White Stripes are also summoned. These unabashed gents are making irreverent lyrical contributions and musical stabs at modern styles ranging from blues to rock to latin to new wave to neo-soul. No two are the same, yet each one is distinctly Lorenzo’s and uniquely original.

There is still an underlying lorenzo-ness to it all, a ‘Lorenzo sound’ that pervades everything they do, and even if each album seems to be a new adventure in songs and sounds it can always be immediately recognizable as Lorenzo’s Music. The reality of the creative process that exists for this core group is thus: Do what you want to do, make what you want to make.

People routinely ask bands: What kind of music do you play? For this band, the answer is easy… Lorenzo’s Music.

Cowboy Winter

Madison, WI based garage-soul band formed in March 2012 by Andrew Greenwood and Kevin Willmott II. Cowboy Winter has opened for national touring acts such as Why?, Har Mar Superstar, White Mystery, and Parquet Courts.
We play music to rock and shake the world!

$10 adv / $15 dos

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The night will end with a special music tribute to Paulie!

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