Windsor Drive, Woodson, Catch Kid

Windsor Drive

While named after a street in the band's hometown of Weston, Wisconsin, Windsor Drive are resonating with music fans far beyond their home state. Formed only three years ago, the alternative quartet shows no signs of slowing down. With an average age of 23, the band has completed an astonishing 13 national tours, in which they headlined as well as provided support for various major label & indie acts.

Windsor Drive's foundation lies in the strength of its songs. Memorable melodies will transport you to that "other" place, where everyone longs for that connection to something or someone. Kipp Wilde's distinctive vocals are delivered with a melodic sincerity, and his thoughtful lyrics emanate themes of hope, love, and longing. Fortified by a landscape of driving guitars, delicately intense keyboards, and a rhythm section that steadily steers the entire sonic ship, the band's songs will do more than just not disappoint. They will inspire. "Growing up in a small Midwest town where everyone pretty much knows everyone, we were able to stay true to our roots and musical influences and shield ourselves from short trends in the industry that exist in major metropolitan areas. This has helped us create timeless music," says singer Kipp Wilde.

Windsor Drive's music is anthemic without pretense. Their songs have a broad appeal, and yet somehow resonate in an uniquely personal way with the listener. "Do what you do best" is the recurring lyric in the song "Fall" from the 2009 Bridges EP. With a new album's worth of material and a solid touring schedule booked, Windsor drive continue to do what they do best, which is writing some of the strongest songs around and performing them live with their very own unique mix of fiery passion and spirited grace.


Catch Kid is an up and coming alternative-rock trio residing in the beautiful foothills of the Midwest. Born in Madison, Wisconsin, the band spends its days practicing in an abandoned dairy factory – a large refrigerator door serves as the entrance to their converted studio space. To them, the practice facility is known as “The Fridge”, and the band truly believes that the musical ideas marinate there.

“Their songs are big enough for the masses, built upon strong melodic backbones and solid songwriting. And while the DNA of Catch Kid is very much the same from their debut EP, Geronimo, it’s clear that they have taken a big step forward with the release of Build a Fire with Me.
Keep an eye on these guys – we think they’re just getting revved up.” - Goodbye Babylon

The piano fueled songs display a knack for music theory and the front mans unique vocal tone produces an original sound. Rusch says “I consider myself a risk taker when frying up bacon in the morning without a shirt on”. This shows in his songwriting style that he will take any risks possible to develop the best songs he can.

Lead guitarist Jeremy Van Mill is one of the most talented guitarists in Madison, and his skill translates anthemically on stage. He brings the full sound and depth to Catch Kids songs, and remains completely in control and humble while doing so.

The fellow handling the beat responsibilities (Luke Osiecki) emerges from the snow drifts of northern Wisconsin. His uncanny ability to produce fresh, tasty beats forces the audience to shake a leg. “I am more than just a timekeeper. Every time I write my parts, my intentions are to improve the feel and vibe of the song, not just the tempo. If I get listeners to tap their foot, mission accomplished”.

With a mix of Something Corporate’s up-beat vibe, and U2’s melodic tendencies, they’re sure to leave the crowd satisfied.

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