Lover's Spit, Brain Food, Cowboy Winter, Roboman

Lover's Spit

The seed of Lover's Spit was planted seven years ago when Steve Queen and Braden Huffman began playing music together in central Ohio.
They appeared in different variations playing live sporadically, and spent alot of time in the Kenyon College recording facilities making demos.
Eventually they landed in Madison for some reason. And they love you.

Brain Food

A four piece Electronic-Dance-Rock band. Thoughtful and unique compositions in addition to a killer live show.

Cowboy Winter

Madison, WI based garage-soul band formed in March 2012 by Andrew Greenwood and Kevin Willmott II. Cowboy Winter has opened for national touring acts such as Why?, Har Mar Superstar, White Mystery, and Parquet Courts.
We play music to rock and shake the world!


What started as a joke, has turned into an even bigger joke. Behold! The ROBOMAN!! See!!! The feet of fury and lightning hands of one drunken slob. Hear!! The amazing surf instrumentals and crazy garage beat! You'll swear its a whole band! But don't take our word for it. Here's what other people have said: " Um, that was, um..interesting." ..." The drums were'nt loud enough."..."Wow! That was just you?"..." You need to sing into the mic."..." How the fuck are you playing guitar and bass at the same time!? And drums?! and sing?"..." That was cool! Would you play my party?"..." Eat a dick Oman!" Here's what local press have said, " Roboman's ridiculous one-man-act proves that guitar, bass and drums can be played simultaneously by one person, if for no other reason than someone had to do it and prove it."--77 Square..." a harshly entertaining, bare-bones, garage-surf sound."--The Isthmus.

Upcoming Events
High Noon Saloon