SD, the disc jockeying architect of sound, grew up in a family of engineers. Having learned everything he knows from his father, there are few things of which he doesn’t understand the inner workings.

It comes as no surprise that through this conceptualizing of blue print, SD took up the turn tables as his strongest instrument. Beginning with DJ battles, SD combined his heavy jazz influence along with his knowledge of Hip Hop to form a voyeuristic entertainment persona. Studying the crowd for which he plays has allowed an exclusivity to his song selection.

Incorporating the foundation of standard deejaying, SD uses his experience to set the tone. He began scratching not only to add diversity and texture to the sound scape of the music he plays, but it also represents his lifestyle of staying on the move. Believing strongly in the process of streamlined diversity, SD is determined and disciplined in his taste, a Hip Hop DJ from beginning to end.

Major influences include Funk Flex, DJ Evil D, Boot Camp, KRS-1, Ruckus Sound Bombing, and others who have taken the solo center of music pleasure and spread it to the masse. Soulstice Radio and Productions, SD’s brainchild, is designed to showcase the paradigm of music diversity from an accessible point of view. The idea being that Soulstice will allow a wide range of musicians, DJ’s and performers alike, to gravitate toward each other in collaboration.

The major components of deejaying for SD includes selection, transitions, and turntabalism. He controls and maintains the vibe of the environment while positioning himself to read the crowd, whether wedding, club, or any other variety. His transitions are smooth and subtle as he introduces the next song before he blends the final element of turntabalism. SD communicates to the crowd through song and his style is explained and translated in audible terms by his choices.

He takes from a philosophy made apparent by DJ Kool Herc that maintains a DJ is meant to play for the crowd and do a service of musical display for all within earshot. A professional, and music lover at heart, one would be hard pressed to find a crowd SD can’t move, either through his varying music selection, or pierced understanding of organized background noise. DJ SD is a musicologist that perfects and blends his craft with each presentation.

Written by: Ru Johnson a.k.a. @ThePerfectRu



“You don’t even know who KTONA is…”
This phrase is often heard on a KTONE mix tape. Well since you don’t know, let me introduce you.

While other kids were trying to master red light, green light, 1-2-3, KTONE could be found mixing his Sesame Street records on an old turntable. Definitely not Star Search but it was his start of an art form that would make him into the man and the DJ he is today. By 7th grade he found himself rapping in a group that won first place in a school talent show, proving that everything that KTONE puts his mind to can be a true success. He then started borrowing his mother’s tapes and albums combining them with his CD collection making personal mix tapes. His taste in music agreed with his friends’ and they began to steal his mix tapes. This eventually led him to steal his own tapes back!

KTONE is a man who believes in keeping family first and why wouldn’t he when his inspiration is drawn from them? His mother encouraged his love for music and most importantly supported his goals. Currently, his wife and 2 sons serve as his main inspiration. Everything he does right now is for not only for his own benefit, but for his children’s benefit as well. They even draw inspiration from him when they visit the studio and experiment with music, dance, and play on turntables displaying the spark that started it all for him.


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