Gypsophilia, Reid Paley Trio, Kings & Queens 2016 featuring Sylvana Joyce and Valerie Reaper, St. Paul and The Broken Bones


Halifax-based Gypsophilia is a group of seven young performers whose music straddles the jazz and indie worlds. The band started in 2004 as a Django Reinhardt-inspired project, but soon found itself mixing gypsy jazz with klezmer, funk, classical music, indie rock, and bebop, writing its own tunes and playing to sold out crowds.

The band’s latest record, the ECMA-award winning Sa-ba-da-OW! (June 2009), offers up a wide variety of sounds, self-produced and recorded in Halifax's Echo Chamber studio, and engineered by Charles Austin (Joel Plaskett, Buck 65, Al Tuck, Matt Mays, Super Friendz, Garrett Mason). The band’s typical lineup of three guitars, violin, double bass, trumpet and piano is bolstered on the album with synthesizer, backbeat handclaps, impromptu gang vocals, percussion, and slide whistle. And next to some classic swing grooves, be prepared to find klezmer, funk, reggae, tango and game show music.

Sa-ba-da-OW! has sold well across the country during the band's national festival tours in 2009 and 2010, and has charted well, finishing in the number 1 slot overall for 2009 on !chartattack's national campus radio jazz charts.

In between touring dates Gypsophilia has been busy working on new material for a third album to be recorded in December 2010, and recently recorded the soundtrack to Chaz Thorne's feature film Whirligig. The band also released a music video in April, and has just completed a second music video which debuted at the Atlantic Film Festival in September.

The seven-piece Gypsophilia features Alec Frith, Nick Wilkinson and Ross Burns on guitars; Sageev Oore on piano and keyboards; Matt Myer on trumpet; Adam Fine on double bass and Gina Burgess on violin. Frith, Myer and Burns all play with the roots- Reggae band Verbal Warnin'; Myer is an ECMA and Juno winner with the Johnny Favorite Swing Orchestra; Fine plays regularly with Bend the River and improvising guitarist Jeff Torbert. Oore has been a featured soloist with Symphony Nova Scotia and a member of the Woodchoppers Association, while Burgess has also played with Symphony Nova Scotia and with the Maria Osende Flamenco Company.

Reid Paley Trio

Approximate Hellhound is the latest album from the REID PALEY TRIO. Bluesy,
jazzy, rock noir with a swing all it’s own. Ten staggering tunes from “one of
America’s best and most underrated songwriters.”

Belted out with a pitch-black sense of humor and an alarming eloquence by
Brooklyn’s own apocalyptically original and internationally acclaimed singer
songwriter and his white-hot trio.

APPROXIMATE HELLHOUND follows the explosive and critically acclaimed
REVIVAL (produced by the legendary Eric Drew Feldman of Captain Beefheart,
Frank Black, P.J. Harvey, et al) and the much lauded solo debut LUCKY’S TUNE
(produced by mythic rock deity and Pixies mastermind Frank Black a.k.a. Black

Alongside Paley and his 1955 Gretsch, Approximate Hellhound features
the animal magnetism and frightening charisma of Mr. Eric Eble on the
Czechoslovakian upright bass, and Mr. James Murray working that trap kit.

Among other things, Reid Paley also co-writes songs with Black Francis/Frank
Black. Some of these collaborations have appeared on Mr. Black’s albums
Fast Man Raider Man, Honeycomb, and Christmass. Mr. Black also recorded
a version of Paley’s “Take What You Want” from Hellhound that appears on
the single Everything Is New and his album Snake Oil. Paley also produced,
arranged, and played guitar on Mr. Black’s contribution to the Hedwig tribute
album Follow My Voice.

The critically acclaimed Paley & Francis album (Reid Paley & Black Francis on
guitars & vocals, with Muscle Shoals legends Spooner Oldham and David Hood
on piano & bass) was released last year on Sonic Unyon (North America) and
Cooking Vinyl (Europe), and peaked at #4 on the Amazon Roots Rock chart. A
vinyl version from The Bureau is on the way.

Known far and wide as a killer live act, Reid Paley has torn up stages all over the
US and Europe, and has been featured at Vienna, Austria’s Into The City Festival
and the Blues Rules Festival in Crissier, Switzerland.

The new REID PALEY TRIO album is currently in the works.

“The bastard child of Sinatra and Lemmy.”
-- Random Magazine UK

"One of America's best -- and most underrated -- songwriters."
-- PopMatters

"Put simply, the Reid Paley Trio knows how to get down. He's got mischief in his
eye, Elvis in his joints, and booze every- where else."

"Best Actual Gig of the Year. Very very impressive."
--Sleazegrinder UK

"A voice to turn good girls bad...Maybe crazy but damn exciting."
--The Village Voice

“So many critics wax on about how Reid Paley is an underrated, undiscovered
talent -- but it's actually true. He's an immensely talented singer-guitarist-
songwriter. When you listen to that subtly swinging rock and his deep bellow,
it's easy to tell something special is afoot. This is the "real thing", but it doesn't
comfortably fit in any category to reach the mass- es.”
-- Cheap Thrills Boston

“Possessed with the voice of a drunken wolf...Songs that roar."
-- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"One of the East Coast's best-kept secrets, his wryly misanthropic schtick is all
his own. Live, he is the Bill Hicks of the blues. You need to see him."
--What's On In London

Kings & Queens 2016 featuring Sylvana Joyce and Valerie Reaper

Kings and Queens was born when successful touring songwriters Sylvana Joyce, Christopher King, and Valerie Reaper, decided to join forces. The three artists learned each other's repertoire as well as tried their hand at new instruments in order to accompany each other.

The result is a world-class acoustic act that spans genres and offers the audience an engaging "in the round" songwriting experience. Early showcases featuring the friends and colleagues of the trio received praise, even from the likes of national publications like The Huffington Post. --

St. Paul and The Broken Bones

Paul is a young man who began wailing straight out of the womb, and most folks would agree that he hasn't stopped since. "Oh what a set of lungs that child has," they'd say, "he must be destined for something special." Not wishing to disappoint, and being a good young southern boy, Paul began singing in church, stretching those vocal cords with an eye toward becoming a man of the cloth. As it turns out, however, the cloth didn't appreciate young Paul's affinity for dirty jokes, Prince, and Tom Waits, and he was inclined to search elsewhere for co-conspirators. He began plying his trade with whomever would have him, and happily, folks were mostly impressed by his efforts. With a wholly re-imagined take on the sounds he'd grown up singing and seeking, Paul recruited a rag-tag band of loveable weirdoes, visionaries, and hacks to help him harness the power he now knew he possessed. Under the nom du guerre St. Paul and the Broken Bones, the motley crew roams the countryside looking to get cabooses shakin', faces meltin', and brothers and sisters everywhere testifyin'.



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