Black Wing Halo

Like kids rummaging the finest musical dumpster, Black Wing Halo (formerly decibel.) has mended parts and motors, soldered and stitched, to curate a new musical monster. Based on acoustic roots and rhythms, but driving with a distorted punk force, Black Wing Halo leaves no compact bin unturned. In fact, everything is recycled.

Ever-expanding with a love and admiration for noise, soundscapes and distorted vocals, Black Wing Halo is their own favorite radio station. It started by adding pedals to an acoustic guitar, and even more to a microphone, which became two microphones, displaying different voices to represent different ideas. Then they added bass. To expand from their acoustic roots, they started playing electric instruments, which led way to a distorted blend of rowdy punk, crunchy electronic, old school laden hip hop, Tom Waitsian carnival, wrapped in a little verse/chorus/verse pop.

Black Wing Halo continues to spread to the masses as well, having played SXSW, NXNE, and CMJ, as well as selling out boat cruises, and rocking Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

As of now, Black Wing Halo is putting the finishing touches on their first album with producer Jason Rubal (The Cure, NIN, Dresden Dolls, Killswitch Engage) and can't wait to put it out there for all to enjoy.

True to their aural objective, this album will be unlike anything you have heard before.

Come to live shows sparkly and ready to dance your can off. Channel your inner rock star; it's a better way of life.
We look forward to seeing you...

Yazan is a born and bred New Yorker, raised on salty East River breezes and pizza slices, video game arcades and street art everywhere. His sound is as colorful and soulful as the city that reared him: he is part urban storyteller, part guitar wizard, and all psychedelic explorer of the universal spirit.

On his debut album Your Crooked Part (Shoulder Tap Records, SHT010), accompanied by only his 1938 Gibson archtop guitar, Yazan delivers ten original blues, recorded live to tape in a one room house located in the woods outside of Athens, GA. The stripped down recording leaves plenty of room for his trademark howl, with slide guitar flourishes and steady foot stomps playfully weaving around his plaintive cries. Inspired by the percussive, hypnotic blues of North Mississippi Hill Country greats like RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough, and the self-confident swagger of Delta Blues legends Robert Johnson and Charley Patton, Yazan blends his downtown sound with the root of rock n’ roll, electrifying listeners without a socket in sight.

For his latest release Undress My Mind (Shoulder Tap Records, SHT013), Yazan returned to Athens to once again work with engineer/producer Will Manning, recording a batch of brand new songs in the same naked style as his previous effort. This time, Yazan breaks out of the blues idiom and performs ten melodic and visceral gems, exploring the depths of his mind, his heart, and his spirit. Between moments of poignant lyricism (the Dylanesque “I Wanted More of You”), and meditative explorations into the nature of his true self (the improvisational finale “I Undress My Mind”), Yazan explores feelings of alienation, love, and loss, ultimately finding redemption in his own voice (the climactic “Sing With Me”).

After several years developing his stirring solo performances in local New York bars and coffee shops, Yazan called on childhood friend Martin Celis to begin the next phase of his musical evolution. Yazan & Martin are an electric guitar and drum duo harkening back to the earthy sound of the juke joint heroes of Memphis and North Mississippi, while simultaneously ascending into the electric, psychedelic realm of Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, and Black Sabbath. Their incendiary live show is pure personality and energy, bringing crowds to their feet and moving them to tears all the while. Catch them on tour sweating with audiences across America this fall.

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