The Royal Noise

The Royal Noise (Special Birthday Bash)

Founded and led by guitarist Johan Harvey, Savannah's foremost jazz-funk collective quickly established itself as a high energy, grooving crew. Drawing from vintage and contemporary influences alike, they are conceiving an ebullient fusion of sinewy funk, gritty jazz, psychedelic rock and live hip-hop elements with a distinctly southern flavor, reminiscent of fusion acts like Herbie Hancock, Lost Tribe, Lettuce and Mother Funk Conspiracy.

"the whole damn band is a opack of rhythm devils … a clear case of a half-dozen souls consumed by percussion poltergeists, and there are only two things they could have done: call an exorcist or form a kick-ass jazz/funk band. Fortunately for us, The Royal Noise gave in to the beat beast and did the latter." - Brian Robbins, JAMBANDS.COM

The Way Home

The Way Home is comfortable and familiar like a well-worn coat, and exhilarating like discovering something life-changing while listening to late-night radio. Their music will embrace you with a fond memory and surprise you with a new take on the age-old craft of songwriting.

Life moves fast, things don’t always stay the same, and there are times when a memory can seem so far away. The Way Home helps you recall what music used to feel like, and allows you to experience that feeling again from your new place in life. That is The Way Home.

$8.00 - $10.00


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