Blessed Muthas

Blessed Muthas

Hard rock/punk. (In the vein of New York Dolls, Thunders, MC5)

The Keefs, Delaware's newest hit makers, are the perfect blend of old-school punk and rootsy rock n' roll with the melody and hooks of power pop with hints of a glam rock sheen.

Slightly gritty vocals, contrasted with melodic guitar lines define their sound. The Keefs attribute their sound to a wide variety of influences including Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, The Ramones, Johnny Cash, Dead Boys, The Clash, Descendents, Social Distortion and old school Motley Crue.
"I was instantly impressed with the Keefs. The Keefs bring back memories of classic 80's sounding punk meshed with some classic rock and roll. The bands that instantly came to mind when they started were the Ramones, The Kinks and the Clash... The Keefs are straight forward solid punk/rock party music. The set was a nice energetic set of 12 hard driving songs with no annoying musical interludes. If you are a fan of the Ramones, The Kinks and 80's style punk music, you need to go check out The Keefs... Go check out The Keefs live!"— Mid Atlantic Rock Reviews



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