Sunday Night Storytelling Series: Fibber

Sunday Night Storytelling Series: Fibber

Part 1 of the Sunday Night Storytelling series. Featuring:

May 12th- Grown-ups re-read their past! With host Rachel Korman, special guests and audience members share stories, diaries, letters, and other miscellany that they wrote as kids. Sign-up in advance through Facebook, or sign up at Ortlieb's the night of the show.

June 9th- FIBBER - 4 Storytellers. 1 Fibber. After swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Philly’s most talented storytellers share their own personal, awkward, outrageous, gripping, and twisted experiences with the audience - but someone has made it all up. It’s the audience's job to hear the stories, interrogate the performers with help from host Hillary Rea (, and vote for the person whose pants they think are on fire. After a secret audience ballot, the fibber is revealed and those who chose wisely
are rewarded with a prize and smug sense of satisfaction.

July 7th- RANT-O-WHEEL - For the quick witted and willing, the Rant-O-Wheel storytelling competition is simple: five minutes, three words, one story. For the tender-hearted, it is can be more daunting. Each contestant must spin a story from three nouns chosen by a few turns of the wheel. They will have no more than five minutes to include all three words in a coherent story. Many have attempted, many have succeeded. Hosted by Jaime Fountaine (



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