The Scovilles are a garage rock trio inspired by mid-60s stomp, raunchy instros, and lo-fi trash.

Dixy Blood

After a six month self-imposed exile on the backstreets, notorious local cow-punks Dixy Blood will return to the live arena on Friday, May 18, 2012 at Milkboy Philadelphia, 1100 Chestnut St., Phila, PA, appearing with The Broken Prayers and Dex Romweber, founder of the legendary Flat Duo Jets.

Since their arrival on the scene in 2010, Dixy Blood, comprised of Clarence "Mick" Cancer, Rich Lustre, Bettyloo Gee, and Moe Jo – all veterans of all venerable punk aggregations such as The Sickidz and The Bunnydrums, among others – has created a curious, compelling form of honky-tonk performance art, garnering accolades and silly sneers from local cognoscenti, as appearances at The Italian Market Festival and with Pure Hell and Ben Vaughn readily attest.

And, despite their absence, the hiatus was not without significant activity as the band recently emerged from a neon-baked recording dungeon, completing the initial stages of a project produced by "Residing" legend Doc(tor) Thomas Timony tentatively titled: "Songs of Love Lust and Loss", or perhaps something else.

Asked about the groups return to live action, Clarence commented that Dixy Blood is proud and privileged to share the stage with their friends in The Broken Prayers and the revered maestro Mr. Romweber.

Explosive Head

Explosive Head erupted out of the Philadelphia area in the Spring of 2010 like a punk n' roll grenade. Their frenzied, savage sounds blow the crowd to hysterics until all that remains are bits and pieces of rockin' residue. Andy Vaughn (lead guitar) and Liz Lixx (bass) trade vocals combustively, accompanied by the raging rhythm guitar of Kelly Mahoney and Dane's blasting, unmerciful drumquakes.

Made up of members of Son Of A Gun and Thee Minks, Explosive Head refuses the stereotype while evoking the days when 70's rock n' roll reigned supreme, fusing Rolling Stones, Destroy All Monsters, Dead Boys, New York Dolls and even Ian Hunter into a fiery sonic boom. Playing with the likes of Ben Vaughn, Stupidity, Prima Donna, The Friggs and Sorrows, Explosive Head will detonate your brain and rock your face off.



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