The Electric Sons

Ranging from ebullient arena anthems to dark, hip-hop infused ballads, The Electric Sons’ world is a high-energy kaleidoscope of imaginative lyrics and infectious hooks that will leave you dancing and dreaming. Since meeting in a music theory class, the Atlanta band released their debut EP in 2012 (Andrew Miller, vocals -- Ben Richards, keyboard -- Chris Zeigler, bass) and have quickly found themselves gracing major festival stages including Hangout and Voodoo Fest, and opening and touring with groups like Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, Capital Cities, St. Lucia, Ms. Mr. and more. "It's been unreal," says frontman Andrew Miller, “We were assigned to write a song together in class and everything clicked. A year or so later we were doing festivals.” After releasing their second EP ‘Chromaesthesia’ in 2014, the Sons began finding their music in national ads for Red Bull, Chevy, TJ Maxx and others and featured on outlets such as American Songwriter, Indie Shuffle, The Kollection. In the fall of 2015 they plan to release their third EP, entitled ‘Golden Age’.With the unexpected support they have gained thus far from fans, friends, and industry, The Sons have their sights set on extensive touring, new music videos, even a video game. If the trend continues, this release could turn the art school classmates into one of this year's breakout artists. Golden Age is "the most complete version of ourselves so far" says producer Ben Richards, "The EP has this blend of dark and light, natural and unnatural sounds. We’ve always tried to write songs that balance those elements." The band pulls their inspiration from a wide swath of genres, as well as from their art school background. “We’re extremely visual when we write. I went to school for animation I constantly draw from that experience of creating characters and telling stories,” says Miller, who worked a stint as an illustrator on the hit FX show ‘Archer’ during the process. “We’ve written a lot about things that have happened in the past, but all of the songs on ‘Golden Age’ are about things that were going on while we were writing. There’s a lot of vulnerability, and I think that’s when people are their
most honest.” Full of a raw, natural energy, 'Golden Age' is a breathy blend of the band's eclectic influences and bright pop sensibilities.

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