Midnight Singers

Midnight Singers

North Lawrence Midnight Singers (NLMS) began just where the band's name suggests; in the humble 3rd story bedroom of lead singer, Jamie Olson (ex-Cordalene), on North Lawrence Street in Philadelphia. Together in 2007 with lead guitarist, Todd Zamostien, the two inked out the band's first songs--forging a sound that comfortably leapt between their reverance of the austerity of the early Sun Records sound to the passion of Roy Orbison to the rebellion of Bob Dylan and Gram Parsons to the alt-country leanings of The Jayhawks. After months of artistic toil (and a few days off in between), the band officially formed under its first incarnation, adding bassist Timothy Meacham and drummer, Joseph Boyle, also a prior member of local indie darling, Cordalene and psych-rock outfit, Elevator Parade. Mike "Keyz" Milach was later added on keyboards.

Before NLMS ever played their first show, they entered the studio with Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man, Josh Ritter) at American Diamond Studios to record their debut LP, "And That Old Time Living Room Sound," a release that garnered the band critical praise regionally, including being named as one of the Top 10 Local Releases of 2008 by The Philly Weekly.

Recording began in earnest for NLMS' second album in 2009. It quickly became clear that the band's sound was headed in another direction. Boyle and Milach left the band in search of other pursuits to be replaced by Cornelius Simpkins (Kenn Kweeder, Chubby Checkers, Birdie Busch) on drums and Joseph Arnold on fiddle. Searching for a bigger sound, NLMS was joined in the studio by some of the most talented and creative musicians in Philadelphia, including: Mike "Slo-mo" Brenner on lap steel; Brian Christinzio (BC Camplight) on grand piano; Mike Sneeringer (The Loved Ones) on drums, Steph Hayes (Stargazer Lily) on backing vocals and Mike Kiley on ukulele(Mural and The Mint, Cordalene).

NLMS' second album, "Last Great Saturday Night" was recorded and engineered in South Philly at The Opera House by by Paul Atkinson (Brand New Heavies). The record, edited and arranged by Jonathan Lowe of Miner Street Recordings, was again mixed by Bill Moriarty at American Diamond Studios.

Released on November 19, 2010, the band's sophmore effort, opening with the Link Wray style 'rumble' of "Under the Lights" adheres to classic story-telling, albeit in a modern context. Much the same way that West Side Story mirrored Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, "Last Great Saturday Night" encompasses a personal journey; from tunes of young love and adventure played out in lost toe-tappin' daydreams through darker visions of warning that caution the soul not to stray too far from who and what you hold dear. It sings of humbling redemption and realization but concludes on a hopeful note with the title track, "Last Great Saturday Night," an anthem of perseverance--where love and dreams meet real heartbreak and shared, personal struggle.

Josh Olmstead

Josh Olmstead Band's original material draws from various musical roots, including the blues, country, folk, jazz, gospel, soul, and rock and roll. The band's live performances reveal an adventurous and dramatic spirit, marked by evolving arrangements, instrumental explorations, novel cover selections, and high energy.

pale green stars

It is the darkness, the silence, the searching, the unwritten unspoken emptiness that drives us to madness. We chew nails, wrestle with alligators, smoke, cuss, drink, swagger and swing like no other band you've ever seen. With a fresh new line up of talent, prepare to be blown away. Slanderous guitars duel beside an awakening rhythm section of steady groove and punctual vocabulary. Whilst Jones' lyrics are a stealthy eruption of evolving subject manner and life experiences.



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