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Mustard Plug

"What is in a name?" The members of Mustard Plug must have considered this when they casually came up with the title of what seemed at the time to be a short-lived distraction. While also considering the equally ridiculous "Wanker Daddies," "Shrinky Dinks," and "Cookie Puss," it was the title "Mustard Plug" that was chosen as the masthead to carry forth in the band's crusade to bring ska-punk to their humble abode of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Twenty years, 1500 shows and 200,000 album sales later, it can not be denied that the band has surpassed all expectations and permanently staked their claim in contemporary music.

Mustard Plug started out in the punk clubs, basements and dive bars of the Midwest, playing punk influenced ska music during a time most people in the U.S. had never even heard of ska. They clung to a DIY work ethic that had been ingrained in them from growing up in the 1980's hardcore punk scene and applied it to everything they'd do for the next 20 years. They released their first cassette tape themselves (1992's Skapocalypse Now!), and played constantly to earn enough money to record their first cd. 1994's Big Daddy Mulititude was released on legendary NYC label Moon Records and with their new found national distribution and exposure, the band climbed into their van and performed their music to new fans across North America.

In 1996 the band went to the Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, Colorado to record their second cd with their hero, punk legend Bill Stevenson, who at that time had been mainly known as the drummer for the Descendents and Black Flag. This album, Evildoers Beware, was quickly picked up by the then up and coming L.A. punk label, Hopeless Records, and released just as ska-punk music was finally gaining mainstream exposure in the U.S. Evildoers Beware exposed the band to a broader fan base, outside their midwest roots and the international ska die-hards who had thus far rallied around the band. The late 90's became a blur as they hit the road, playing 150 shows a year and opening tours for the likes of Face to Face, The Bouncing Souls, Hepcat, MXPX, Less Than Jake, and many more.

In 1997, the band recorded their version of the Verve Pipe's "The Freshmen" for a local radio compilation. Their version infused ska-punk energy in to a top 40 pop classic and immediately got picked up by several large commercial radio stations coast to coast and became a fan favorite.

The band's momentum continued to grow, allowing them to headline tours throughout North American and eventually Europe, Japan, and Brazil, and play to huge crowds at seminal clubs like CBGB's in NYC, the Metro in Chicago, Emo's in Austin and The Whiskey in L.A.

Towards the end of the 90's the band returned to the Blasting Room to record the critically acclaimed Pray For Mojo and continued to hit the road constantly.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the band continued their mission of bringing their music to the masses. Despite ska music's fall from grace, the band returned to their grass roots base and continued to tour. In 2003, they released the ska-punk gem Yellow #5, this time going to Detroit to self produce and record it. In 2004 the band turned the public's perception of ska on it's head by co-headling the initial run of the Ska Is Dead Tour, playing in front of packed concert halls from coast to coast.

In 2007, the band returned to the Blasting Room to record In Black and White. The album was hailed by many as a return to form, while creating a modern take on the ska-punk genre. Since then the band has continued to tour internationally and write new songs. Several new singles have been released including split 7 inches with Bomb the Music Industry and Montreal's The Beatdown. During the past year, the band has continued to hit the road, including a tour of Europe that saw them at Belgium's massive Groezrock Festival and conquering the 1500th show benchmark in the U.S. The band continues to write songs for an upcoming album.

As Mustard Plug looks back over their twenty years of relentless touring and recording, they are proud of their accomplishments and see no reason to slow down.

The Independents

The Nightmare starts off on a hot humid night, deep beneath a full moon in the swamps of South Carolina. Under the moss covered dead oak trees, surrounded by the loud eerie groans of bull frogs, four creatures of the night come together to form The INDEPENDENTS....
Formed in the early 90's by Evil Presly and Willy B, The Independents was born out of the frustration of music being stereo typed and just plain fucking boring. Willy and Evil both loved all music, from Conway Twitty to Iron Maiden, from The Ramones to Etta James and the Specials. Both loved horror and sci-fi movies and wanted to find some way to include it in their music. Evil started writing lyrics that told horror tales while Willy kept the guitar in one hand and gave the entire world the finger with the other. They rallied their friends together and started on their long journey through members, with only the goal of playing the music they wanted, when, where, and how they wanted.
After a few years and a few members, the guys had gathered a good following through rough demos and Compilation records from coast to coast. They signed a small indie deal with Rockduster Records and recorded their first album "In For The Kill". It was during this time that Evil met and befriended the bass player for the legendary Ramones, CJ Ramone. CJ got the Independents on a few opening dates of the Ramones' Acid Eaters tour. On their way to the first show with the Independents, Joey Ramone listened to some of the Independents demos given to him by CJ. He really dug what he heard and within minutes of arriving to the venue was introduced to the guys. After the shows, Joey made an offer the guys could not refuse. He told them he wanted to manage the band.

In For The Kill
Album Cover
The ghouls hit the road non-stop on tours with such bands as THE RAMONES and VOODOO GLOW SKULLS and an early BLINK 182 to support "In for the Kill". But due to the lack of record company support, they signed their next release to Elevator Music. The Independents got back to work and recorded the "Stalker" EP. They did several of their own national tours as well as playing with RANCID, REEL BIG FISH, and GREEN DAY. Doing several dates on The Ramones' Farewell tour, as well as many festivals from CMJ to South by South West, the guys hit them all. After all this heavy touring, the band went into the studio for several projects. They did a few songs in the BRUCE MCDONALD movie "HARDCORE LOGO". Then Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey produced the Danzig song "Mother" for a compilation as well as the guys backing up Joey on a few tracks that have yet to be released.

The Metro
Chicago, IL They soon found themselves with a few new faces in the group and back on the road again in support of their self titled single on Hell Cat / Epitaph Records. From the Warped tour to the New England Ski Fest, and to opening up for RONNIE SPECTOR and CITIZEN FISH, to CHEAP TRICK and SEBASTIAN BACH, there was never a break for these fiends. Between every tour they were recording a song or two for another compilation. Some of the times their tours lasted 10 months!
Joey and the guys finally decided to sit down and record the next full length album "Back From The Grave". They once again called on Daniel Rye to co-produce with Joey. They went into the studio for two weeks and then took a break to appear in the mystery horror spoof film, "FINAL RINSE" directed by ROBERT TUCKER. Then they hit the road again.
While in NY, their van and all their equipment was stolen. They lost everything. Van, trailer, merchandise, and personal items from tooth brushes to some of the gear that was given to them from the Ramones that we all know is irreplaceable. It all was gone. Over $60,000 worth of equipment, gone. The cops did nothing and the insurance companies did little more. The Independents had to start all over from step one. A lot of bands came to the aid of the group. Joey even threw a star studded benefit concert. There was no way the Independents would give up now. They went back to work getting all new equipment, van and trailer. Back in the studio, they recorded 4 more songs and put one live track featuring Joey on the album. They then had the album mastered by HOWIE WEINBURG. Two music videos for the songs "Little Blue" and "Death Notice" have also been shot by world famous director GEORGE SEMINARA (BEASTIE BOYS, RAMONES, DANZIG). The Independents did half the US and Canada with THE QUEERS early in 2001.

Evil Presly and Willy B With Joey Ramone
Manitoba's, NYC 12/12/00
After the passing of their manager, friend, and mentor Joey Ramone, the band set off on a full US tour with the MISFITS. They cut it short for time to mourn. Now the guys have their heads and hearts together. Before Joey passed he and the band put the "Unholy Living Dead" EP and the album "Back From The Grave" out themselves.

Willy B with coffin guitar
Jax, FL 9/10/02
In 2002, The Independents found themselves back out on the road for US tours with the WORLD FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY and the QUEERS, EYELINERS and BRIEFS, as well as their own headlining tours. In early 2003, they released "Live From Murder Beach" on AMP Records and recorded a few songs for comps on such labels as Cleopatra, Fast Music and Peephole records .Then they were back out on the road for seven months on tours with such bands as THE PIETASTERS and THE VOODOO GLOW SKULLS.
In 2004 they released the "Full Moon Arise" EP/CD ROM on Fast Music and had songs on several comps, most notably the "Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show" on Spring Man records. There was also quite a few B movies put out as well with Independents songs used for the soundtracks. After the successful North American part of The Independents "No Rest For The Wicked World Tour 04."The Independents were psyched to get started on the UK and European parts of the World Tour when tragedy struck them down.
On November 19, 2004, The Independents were in a very Serious Bus wreck with tour partners the Dangerfields in the UK. Willy B suffered multiple fractures on his left arm along with cuts and burns. Their driver was also seriously injured. He sustained several serious head injuries along with sever injuries to his body. The rest of the Independents got banged up pretty good as well. The Dangerfield's only looked like they had suffered major injuries but all of them actually only walked away with a few bruises and scratches. Needless to Say the Independents were in no condition to finish the tour. I guess there is some rest for the wicked after all.
Evil and Willy B 2005
After their release from the Hospital the Independents returned home to heal and regroup. Their Driver Ian was released on Christmas Day and is expected to make a full recovery after he under goes several more operations. Nows it's 2005 and work has already started on their next full length CD "Eternal Bond" and another world tour is being booked. The non stop marathon touring is about to start up again, so beware. The Independents are going to play the music they want, when, where, and how they want.

Night Gaunts

Night Gaunts hail from Auckland, New Zealand and bring you a brand of high energy, sing-a-long ska, reggae, punky, hip-hop that will imbed itself into your brain from the moment they hit your ears. Self produced in a bedroom these guys have already made a name for themselves internationally. With the goal of making real connections with their fans and constant tour requests from all parts of the globe these guys are set to explode!

Night Gaunts live show is something to be remembered with an almost direct, if not better, recreation of their slick studio releases. Synths, organs, samples, sax and piano are the sparkling features on top of an already immense sounding rhythm section, leaving the audience to remark "That's the best f**king band I've seen in years!"

On Your Marx

Founding members of the original lineup; Roger Chavez, Kevin Lustrup, Peter K. Thorne, Steve Katz and Tim Schuett are anything but ellusive in projecting what has been there love for years.

Bringing Ska to the people.

With a little help from some old friends, while making new ones along the way, OYM
spent the months between January 2009 and September 2010 recording a new album which they hope will be their
crowning achievement in an attempt to write the next great Ska classic.

With more than 15 musicians featured on the album, OYM has strived to grab what's
great from every genre of ska, reggae, 2 tone, dub, and ska-core to make the most diverse ska record to date.

With content ranging from the most personal inside jokes, to the universal feelings
toward hate, fear, violence, love, and lament, OYM labors to speak to all of us on one level or another.

The Ridgelands

Chicago's skate punk rockers, THE RIDGELANDS, debut there brand new EP "Corey Webster Must Die!!!", theme from the film "Thrashin'". Combining young, snotty and out of control 90's Lookout Records style era Punk Rock in vein of early Green Day, Screeching Weasel, and the Queers. Critical Mass rated "Corey Webster Must Die!!!" 4/5 stars. Check it out!!! -

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