Paper Thick Walls

Paper Thick Walls

Paper Thick Walls presents an elegant mix of deep, reflective, and at times haunting music, which captures elements of sound similar to acts like Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens. The almost orchestral arrangement of piano, upright bass, guitars, drums, fiddle, mandolin, and other various instruments has a fascinating way of complimenting the profound fictional story lines that Paper Thick Walls portray through their lyrics.

Their songs quickly caught the attention of sound engineer Mike Hagler (Neko Case, Wilco) who engineered Paper Thick Walls' debut record entitled "A Thousand Novels" which was released on May 3, 2011 and promptly followed by a sold out record release show at "Hideout" in Chicago. Here is what Rock NYC had to say about the bands debut album:

"My verdict, then, is that Paper Thick Walls' "A Thousand Novels" is quite good. Not only are their compositions very nicely crafted, with the band displaying a penchant for a number of musical styles, their storytelling will keep you entertained and often contains elements of that darkness that lends a haunting quality to a song. Take a look."

"A Thousand Novels" received over 150 positive reviews, and was featured on dozens of blogs. This past year, Paper Thick Walls has performed throughout the Midwest and East Coast, as well as several taste maker music festivals including NXNE, SXSW, Summer Fest, and CMJ Music Festival.

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