Always Merry & Bright: Celebrating the Inspiration of Henry Miller, Peter Stampfel (Holy Modal Rounders), Al Rose, Bushwick Gospel Singers, Zach Brock

Always Merry & Bright: Celebrating the Inspiration of Henry Miller

As part of the week-long Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge Festival, come celebrate the artistic legacy of local Brooklyn boy Henry Miller with a night of music, merriment, and more!

Peter Stampfel (Holy Modal Rounders)

Peter Stampfel is an American fiddle player, violinist and singer-songwriter. He is perhaps best known for his work in the psychedelic folk band The Holy Modal Rounders. Stampfel was also briefly a member of The Fugs and has been the leader of several musical projects including The Bottlecaps and the WORM All-Stars. He's also performed with They Might Be Giants, The Roches, Yo La Tengo, Bongwater, Jeffrey Lewis and Loudon Wainwright III.

Al Rose

Al Rose is a mesmerizing, challenging, insightful and ultimately delightful songwriter with a unique command of wordplay combined with considerable musical acumen that is captured on his 6th and latest disc, Sad Go Lucky (2012). His albums have received a bevy of critical praise along with extensive airplay on AAA and Americana stations throughout the US and Europe. The Chicago-based performer has played coast-to-coast from New York to Boston and from Vancouver down to Los Angeles, including The Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, CA. He’s toured in Europe and recently completed his second successful tour in Japan. He captivates audiences whether he’s solo live or accompanied by any number of his band, The Transcendos, in any configuration. This drives the songs each night, but the songs have always been what drive the musicians.
"With a mixture of irreverence and soul, this veteran singer-songwriter just gets better, funnier and more plaintively incisive with each release… mixes blues, country and rock influences with off-hand ease, while crafting indelible imagery. At his best, Rose writes intimate songs, bristling with sharp turns of phrase and a level of introspection that by itself would be worth venting accompanied by little more than an acoustic guitar. But Rose doesn’t stop here…The arranging is as ambitious as Rose’s lyricism, an orchestral country-blues that magnifies and dramatizes his wordplay.” –Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

“This Chicago singer/songwriter has made my annual Top 10 in the past and “Sad Go Lucky” renews my appreciation for Rose, a masterful lyricist who knows how to turn a phrase. His wordsmith skills are sharper than ever on this 12-song collection where he offers up lines like – ‘In a January drizzle she keeps April in her pocket.’ While lyrics may be his calling card, Rose is no slouch when writing melodies to carry his words home. Rose carries on the legacy of Chicago’s proud, if almost forgotten Old Town legends like Steve Goodman and John Prine.” -Tom Lounges, Northwest Indiana Times

“The best singer/songwriter album I've heard in a long time… Sad Go Lucky is a beautiful album.” – Ikon, Sweden

“Different from others, right?? Al Rose brings us more than an hour of quirky, but highly enjoyable music. And then these lyrics, delivered with an almost permanent smile. Well done, Al Rose, we love watching you.” – RealRootsCafé.com, Netherlands

Bushwick Gospel Singers

The Bushwick Gospel Singers are a family band. They consist of brothers and sisters, lovers and friends. They are the official musical ministry of the Church of Universal Knowing (COUK) founded in 2012, the End of Days.

"We want YOU to become US, now! Join the COUK."
Inside their compound on the border of Bushwick/Bedstuy the group rehearses and records, produces their own films, silk screens, hosts pot lucks and pagan rituals. Friends and followers have gathered from coast to coast to visit, in pilgrimage to be part of the church.
"Rejoice! Help us spread the Good Word!"
The Bushwick Gospel Singers are a very young band, in its first year. The group has already seen its first sprouts of press without having released any music yet. Their epic live performances are fast growing legend (or myth?) in the New York City area, and they are starting to take the show outside state lines.

The Bushwick Gospel Singers are here. They bring the spirit. Haleluja!

Zach Brock

One of the most virtuosic and emotive voices of contemporary jazz violin, Zach Brock has followed a path which embraces not only jazz, but also classical, world, and popular music. From critical acclaim as a bandleader to international exposure in collaborations with Stanley Clarke, Snarky Puppy, and Phil Markowitz, Zach continues to gain admiration from both jazz purists and music enthusiasts alike. Zach’s repertoire includes re-workings of songs by John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, and Zbigniew Seifert, in addition to an evolving catalogue of his own compositions. His debut on Criss Cross with Aaron Goldberg, Matt Penman, and Eric Harland offers a telling glimpse of why Zach is being heralded as‘the pre-eminent improvising violinist of his generation.’ (Neil Tesser, Chicago



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