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Rich Mahan smiles when he sings. And it’s not just because the songs on the Nashville artist’s freewheeling solo debut Blame Bobby Bare are laced with ribald humor and 101-proof wisdom.

The biggest reason for the guitarist/singer-songwriter’s ear-to-ear grin is that his album features several musicians he listened to growing up in St. Louis and Los Angeles. Music City legends like harmonica master P.T. Gazell who played for years with Johnny Paycheck and pedal steel guitarist Robby “Man of Steel” Turner who’s worked with everyone from Waylon Jennings to Frank Sinatra.

Also appearing on the album and providing background vocals is Bekka Bramlett, a solo artist, former member of Fleetwood Mac and daughter of ’70s rockers Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett. “When I was a teenager, I saw Delaney play at Trancas in Zuma Beach in the late 80’s. He had a fantastic singer with him, and I remember thinking she was giving Bonnie a run for her money. Not long ago, I was hanging out with Bekka and asked, ‘Was that you singing with your daddy back then?’ She just laughed and said, ‘You think?’ Turns out, I was enamored with her singing even before I knew who she was.”

Everyone Mahan invited to take part in the recording sessions said yes. “Even more unbelievable,” he says, “Each of these super heavy players dug recording these songs so much that they offered to come and play live too.”

They agreed to join Mahan and producer/engineer Brian Harrison (Shelby Lynne) based largely on the strength of songs like “Mama Found My Bong,” “Rehab’s for Quitters” and “Tequila Y Mota,” which mix country and rock in a way that recalls the outlaw country movement of the ’70s. “P.T. indirectly paid me a huge compliment after a recent gig,” Mahan recalls. “He told a couple of my other band members that these songs reminded him what he was doing with Johnny Paycheck back in ’78.”

The warm, natural sound at the heart of Blame Bobby Bare is deliberate, says Mahan, who insisted that the album be recorded with vintage analog gear. Tracked to 24-track, two-inch tape, the music was then mixed and mastered to preserve the music’s natural dynamics (i.e., no brickwalling). “I truly believe music sounds better when it ebbs and flows. Much of that’s been lost today where loudness is king, which is why so many albums sound like a shouting match instead of a conversation.”

That emphasis on dynamics highlights the tasteful arrangements, which provide ample space for the instruments to shine. Mahan says his approach was influenced by Grammy-winning producer Billy Sherrill (George Jones, Charlie Pride). “His productions were so great at stating a theme at the top and then having different instruments take turns riffing through the song — guitar under the verse, pedal steel for the chorus and then harmonica for the solo. It’s about focusing on what serves the song best and getting rid of everything else.”

As you would expect from its title, one of the album’s primary influences is Bobby Bare, a legendary country artist whose hits span nearly three decades and range from the playful (“Tequila Shelia,” “Quaaludes Again”) to the poignant (“Streets of Baltimore,” “How I Got to Memphis.”) For this album, Mahan chose to cover “Put A Little Lovin’ On Me,” a hit for Bare in 1976 from his album The Winner and Other Losers.

“Growing up, I remember how stressed my dad would get from work. But on the weekends, he would cut loose and crank these great records by Bobby Bare. Those songs made him so happy. I wanted to tap into that power and make a record that makes people feel good.”

As for Bare, Mahan believes the Nashville legend will appreciate the album, even if it does “blame” him. “I hope a copy finds its way to him and he gets a kick out of it,” Mahan says. “Who knows, maybe we’ll end up fishing together and I’ll get a chance to thank him for all the smiles he’s given me and my dad over the years.”

Michael Ubaldini

He has survived numerous bouts with Death, running with carnivals, Street fighting, pool halls 'Greaser' lifestyle, cheap motels, & a strew of wild women. He has been called 'The Jack Kerouac of Americana by the music press. His Fans call him 'The Rock n Roll Poet' He's has released seven indie CD’s in the last Ten Years. All Award winners in the USA and EUROPE.talkin' bout Michael Ubaldini
From his heart and Soul Michael with his cranking band or solo with his acoustic Guitar goes against the grain of today’s watered down Punk and Country Formula. Michael Plays and sings his songs with A passion and Integrity rarely heard these days..

His Roots /Americana Indie CD releases are all award winners in Europe &the USA. He has formed a brand new band-'MICHAEL & THE LONESOME PLAYBOYS' The Album ‘LAST OF THE HONKY TONKS' will be released soon...
The Band was formed as an answer to the Contrived Fake Country Music which Michael & the band can not stand at all- The Los Angeles Times dubbed him ‘Better Then Springsteen at probing the national soul’
He has won numerous awards such as :
2005& 2006 "BEST ROOTS", BEST LIVE MALE PERFORMER (Twice) -The Orange County Music Awards
And Best Live Performer/Songwriter –Los Angeles southern cal Music Awards in 2007 And PORTABLE RECORD PLAYER his latest 2009 Album was Nominated for ALBUM OF THE YEAR -OC MUSIC AWARDS as well as 'BEST AMERICANA/COUNTRY ARTIST & Named One of The Best Releases of The Decade By Ben Wener of The OC Register ( ALSO MICHAEL WAS FEATURED ON CNN HEADLINE NEWS IN 2009 and Performed a acoustic set At The Ryman in Nashville.)

Michaels Live shows have attracted the likes Of BRIAN SETZER And LUCINDA WILLIAMS (Also Brian guest Spotted on Michaels DON'T SAY GOODBYE on the
Empty Bottles/Broken Guitar Strings CD.)
The Late JOE STRUMMER and Legendary JOHN FOGERTY have also turned up. At Michaels shows.
Michael Has Toured the UK and the USA, JAPAN and recorded at SUN STUDIOS (The legendary studio and the Birthplace of Rock n roll
His live shows are a must see .filled with Raw power & Passion.
He Also Is Called a Poet for a reason. His Book "LOST AMERICAN NIGHTS" has been published by "Moon tide Press" and also is shelved in the Public Libraries across the United States. Quite an Honor. No wonder a journalist dubbed Michael a” JACK KEROUAC IN A BLACK LEATHER JACKET"... He also has contributed songs in Films ( With his story telling Lyrics its Not to far of a Stretch for real life other side of the tracks outsider rebel Ubaldini)
Michael is A prolific Songster& Poet who started playing guitar at Age 7 picking out Hank Williams,Carl Smith Beatles & Ray Charles Creedence Clearwater Revival Muddy Waters Jimmie Rodgers Roy Acuff and old Folk songs his father taught him.

T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes

With one foot in the same Bay Area bayou that the Fogerty brothers once walked and the other foot in, well, the same Bay Are bayou that birthed The Dead, these mostly-Hoosier transplants have been known to make a stir from Mendocino to the San Joaquin to every honky-tonk and hipster bar in between. With Swagger to spare they steer a course between Beachwood Sparks' cosmic-country and the more trad. bluegrass leanings of The Avett Brothers, both with whom they have shared stages.

Year of Suns

Javier Escovedo

Javier Escovedo is a southern California musician who is best known as the singer, guitarist and chief songwriter of the legendary seventies punk rock band The Zeros (Bomp Records). That group was known for its infectious, spirited songs; its raucous, lively shows and a handful of fabulous singles that are now valued collectors’ items.

During the eighties, Javier relocated to Austin, Texas where he joined his brother Alejandro Escovedo in the True Believers (EMI Records), one of America’s finest rock bands operating during the period. The group’s two albums on a single compact disc, "Hard Road." (Rykodisc Records) is well worth searching out.

In fact, the Escovedo family is full of talent: older brothers Pete and Coke recorded and toured with Santana and Herbie Hancock; younger brother Mario was in The Dragons, and niece Sheila E often works with Prince. Meanwhile, since the break-up of The True Believers, Alejandro has been kept busy with a solo career that has garnered much critical acclaim.

Javier's songwriting is internationally known. The Nomads (Sweden) have recorded two of his songs. "Black and White," a song from The Zeros, was a Number Two record in Sweden for the group Sator. The Hoodoo Gurus of Australia and French sensation Calvin Russel have also recorded Javier's songs.

It is a complete mystery why Javier, a man with so much ability, is just now releasing his first solo album, City Lights, but here it is, and it’s a fine one, packed full of intelligent, straight-ahead rock songs that are instant classics.

Some excellent musicians and technicians supplied enthusiastic support for Javier on the recordings. The backing band consists of Brian Young (Fountains Of Wayne) on drums; Joe Bass (Posies) on bass; and Josh Schwartz (Beachwood Sparks) on guitar, vocals and recording console, John Contreras on cello Dave James on guitar Eliza Randazzo on violin and Victor Penalosa on guitar and vocals. Keyboards were handled by Brian Lebarton (Beck) and Matt Beck (Rob Thomas). Rick Parker at Sandbox did additional recording.

Every song is catchy, rockin’ fun with an attitude that is right from the heart and steaming with the same youthful vibrancy The Zeros had thirty years ago. This is the kind of material Javier has been writing all his life, but only now has had the opportunity to unleash on the public. In a perfect world, the public will eat it up!

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