19 Broadway Good Time Band (6pm)

Led by 19 Broadway partner Garry Graham (who had to buy the club to get the gig), the 19 Broadway Good Time Band could be the most entertaining 12-piece band you have seen. It's not just about the music. Their shows are a place where fun abounds and old friends meet new friends. This gig is where music and fun collide.

Garry on piano is joined by his brother Jerry Spolter on guitar. The two of them sing a variety of songs and you can count on them to sing their mother's favorite songs, whether you like it or not. The band is formed around a quartet with John Lewis on bass and Alan Schuman on drums. Unlike most bios that tout everyone with whom the players have played, let me tell you these cats can just flat out play.

The band members are:
Alan Schuman on drums
Phil Diamond on flute
Jerry Spolter on guitar
Garry Graham on piano
John Lewis on bass
Greg Elberg on trumpet
Dave Bergman on pocket trumpet
Henry Gernsey on percussion
John Hulverson on steel drum

The 19 Broadway Good Time Band is all about the band and the fans having fun together. Come join us any first Sunday of the month from 6-8pm. We guarantee a good time!


July 2011- Voted Best Latin Song, "Familia" by the People's Choice Independent Music Awards. Thank you to our fans.

March 2011- Nominated for Best Latin Song by the Independent Music Foundation Awards.

Founded in SF's Mission district in 2005 by Israel Matos, Manicato has found a way to combine its social and musical influences into a hard-hitting form of intelligent dance music that feeds both body and mind. The word Manicato, derived from the Native People of Puerto Rico known as The Taino, means a bold and valiant person of a good heart. Playing a mixture of Salsa, Timba, Reggae, and Rock and featuring one of the only father and son vocal sections in the San Francisco, hard hitting horn lines, and a rythm section that will inspire you to dance, Manicato will have you speaking in one of the oldest languages, the universal language of music, feeding your mind, body, and soul.

Independent Bay Area Rapper with singles airing on FM radio, ESPN, World Star HH, Top 5 college radio charts, 50,000+ fans.

Featuring Bay Luv & JNerve



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