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The 88 have been hailed as one of the finest pop/rock/alternative bands in recent memory; a distinction proven all the more relevant by their soon to be released LP, entitled FORTUNE TELLER. The ten-song collection from the Los Angeles-based band grabs the listener at the first note and never lets go, from the piano-driven opener "I Saw The Light That Day" to the longing beauty of ballad "The Clouds Rolled In." Songs like "You Are In Love" and "Deep In Your Heart" boast all of the vitality and craftsmanship of a seasoned band in full flight, brimming with both confidence and creativity.

Founded in 2002 by high school pals Adam Merrin (piano/keys) and Keith Slettedahl (vocals/guitar), and solidified as a band with the addition of bassist Todd O'Keefe and drummer Anthony Zimmitti, The 88 made their bones on the Southern California indie scene, releasing two well-received albums and earning acclamation as "Best Pop/Rock Band of the Year" from L.A. Weekly.

The band's lively stage show soon attracted major label buzz. In 2007, The 88 signed with Island Records, releasing their major label debut the following year. A mutual parting of ways came in 2009, allowing the band to return to the independent landscape that allowed them to thrive. Slettedahl spent the early part of the year making home recordings, which were later finished by the band and released digitally as 2009's "unofficial album" This Must Be Love.

Shortly after recording commenced on their 2010 self-titled record, The 88 received word that Ray Davies was looking for a band to both support and back him on a U.S. tour. Avowed fans one and all, the band recorded a half-dozen Kinks classics for Davies to assess. The result: The 88 found themselves on the biggest tour of their career, alongside one of their greatest musical inspirations. "I still can't believe it," says Slettedahl. "I mean, he's my hero."

A few months later, The 88 crossed the Atlantic for Davies' UK tour - culminating in an incredible show at London's historic Royal Albert Hall - as well as their own first-ever British headline shows. Davies also invited the band to record a number of songs at his world famous Konk Studios for a Kinks tribute compilation, See My Friends. The 88 played on tracks by Davies with both Lucinda Williams and the late Alex Chilton, as well as dueting with the legendary Kinks frontman on the classic "David Watts."

"To all of a sudden find ourselves playing the Royal Albert Hall with Ray Davies and recording at Konk Studios... it was pretty magical," as O'Keefe remembers it.

The FORTUNE TELLER LP continues the same spark and ingenuity that has kept the band a focal point on the music industry's radar throughout their career. In addition to touring with such artists as The B-52s, Matt Costa, Smashing Pumpkins, and the late Elliott Smith, the band has sustained itself in large part thanks to a seemingly infinite series of high-profile song placements - spanning films, commercials, video games, and TV shows - as well as resourceful projects like self-produced YouTube videos and the digital single, "Love Is The Thing," recorded entirely via iPhone app.

"We're always trying to discover new things, and come up with new ideas," says Merrin.

The 88 returned to the road with Ray Davies in late 2011; a run that also included a string of television appearances on shows like Live With Regis & Kelly and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. At the start of 2012, the band earned the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform a Kinks medley with Davies at Clive Davis' annual Pre-Grammy Gala, sharing the stage with Jackson Browne and Elvis Costello. "Musically, the high point of the night," as Rolling Stone stated of the performance.

Currently, The 88 continue to see their film and television presence rise to the top of the heap, with music featured in the Universal film The Lorax, as well as their song, "At Least It Was Here," serving as the theme song to the NBC comedy Community. In March, the band added a new credit to their resume: scoring a movie. For the Lionsgate release Friends With Kids, the band co-scored the Jennifer Westfeldt film, while also contributing three original songs.

By remaining true to themselves, The 88 have crafted an immensely satisfying LP that stands tall among their impressive catalogue. And with so many projects in music, television, and film both ongoing and upcoming, the band shows no signs of slowing down. But like any true craftsman, their best is never enough.

"It still feels like a beginning," says Slettedahl.

Adds Merrin: "We have huge ideas for this band."

The Janks

In the upcoming EP, Meet The Janks, Los Angeles based rock group THE JANKS made it their mission to produce music in the same way they live their lives, with both sincerity and irreverence, strength and vulnerability, with control and chaos. Their sound is deeply rooted in the brotherly two part harmony tradition of the Kinks and the Everly Brothers while invoking the musical stylings reminiscent of bands like the Raconteurs and Jeff Buckley. The way KROQ describes it, “Imagine Jack White had a baby withJimmy Page. And that baby had a brother. And those brothers were adopted and raised by a commune of KROQ Local’s Only favorites like Father John Misty and Family of the Year. That’s a smattering of the sensibilities and stylings you get in The Janks.”
Though the group has gone through various incarnations, Zachary Zmed (Vocals, Guitar) has remained the one constant. In 2010, he was joined by his brother Dylan Zmed (Vocals, Mandolin) releasing their second record Hands of Time. Along with touring both coasts, songs 'Demon Dance' and 'Rat Racers' have been featured on MTV's Real World Portland. In early 2012, the 'Brothers Zmed' were joined by Paul Kilmister (Bass, Production) and Leon LeDoux (Drums) affirming the bands mission. Since then, THE JANKS have played more than 250 shows including a West Coast tour, performing at the Troubadour, a residency at the Bootleg Theater and an upcoming residency at the Satellite. LA Music Blog notes, “Their charisma and unapologetic joy for playing music comes through in full force during their shows.” THE JANKS were also honored to be the backing band at LACMA for Billy Steinberg (Like a Virgin, True Colors), Rick Knowles (White Flag, Heaven is a Place On Earth) and JoJo (Too Little, Too Late).
Meet The Janks will be released in August at their Satellite residency. Recorded in the same room at the same time, the EP captures the same atmosphere developed over their time together playing live shows. Following the release of Meet The Janks, the JANKS will continue to write and record new music with plans to find management and to pursue touring opportunities at the conclusion of the August Residency at the Satellite.

Kind Hearts and Coronets

Former Chicagoan and Chamber Strings member Asa Ferry has his hands full as singer-songwriter-guitarist of the very large band he moved here to form. Says the earnest Ferry of his recruitment strategy, "I wanted good, sweet souls in the band — kind people. The band is about the people in the band." Those souls include drummer Justin Polimeni (of the re-formed Love); David Alvarado (Beck) on bass; Randy Billings and Eric Potter on guitars; Glenn Gregory on piano/keys, Dan Collins hitting even more keys — Farfisa style — and lending vocal harmonies; and Merideth Kleinman's magical trumpet… LA Weekly

Wild Pack of Canaries

Wild Pack of Canaries is from Long Beach, CA. They formed in 2009, playing with a variety of different members until forming the current lineup (which still changes from time to time.) They play a form of heavily layered rock with psychadelic latin overtones.

2010 saw the release of the Canaries' first full length, 'The Coroner Can Wait'. They've toured the west coast in support of this album and have more tours planned in support of Free Moral Agents and Avi Buffalo.

The Golden Ghosts

“Their music is groovy and really quite infectious”
Submerge Magazine
“Twangy Southern-inspired brand of rock ‘n’ roll”
Sacramento Press
“Cool rock rifts and inciting timbre that you can’t help but tap your feet to”
“Their sound can be attributed to a 70′s rock revival mixed with your favorite elements of shoegaze and post punk. [They] put on a show nothing less than an energetic party starter”


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