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Reggae is a universal style of music. It is appreciated and respected worldwide and has positive and uplifting messages and provides many different things for many different people. It is spiritual, inspiring, unifying, rebellious, educating, and also simplistic. It is a music for all race, color, and ethnicity, and has no boundaries. Lyrically, reggae artists tend to break things down to see things for what they really are. It started in Jamaica with Scratch, Bob, Tosh, Toots and many others and then spread like fire. In an increasingly smaller and evolving world, reggae can spring up anywhere because it is everywhere. Kansas City, Missouri is just as likely a place as any.

Joel Castillo, Miles Brown, Justin Howard, Kyle Crouse and Richard Faught are the musicians who make up Kansas City's 77 Jefferson. They are down-to-earth guys from the Midwest with a mad respect for reggae, dub, soul, rock, and hip-hop. They have molded a musical style of reggae of their own and speak about love, family, life and humanity, that people all over seem to be responding to. While writing, recording and promoting all their own music, they have been touring for the last 5 years playing hundreds of shows. They have played many national and local festivals and have had the privilege to share the stage with legendary artists such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, Luciano, the late and great Sugar Minott, Junior Reid, J Boog, The Meditations, SOJA, Tribal Seeds, Josh Heinrichs, Jah Roots, Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage, Cas Haley and many more.

77 Jefferson's debut album, "Sledgehammer", was released in February of 2008 and is available on Itunes and Cdbaby.com. Reggae-reviews.com wrote, "Sledgehammer is about as good a reggae-rock fusion as I've heard. Its cohesive sound comes partly from the fact that the band doesn't go the loud, brash punk route that a lot of reggae hybrid groups favor. Rather, they go with the natural laid-back flow of reggae and add a similarly easygoing light rock vibe, something akin to the tropical energy of Jack Johnson. It's intriguing that they can capture a "beach vibe," coming from about as far from the ocean as possible in the US." 77 followed "Sledgehammer" with "Rarities", a collection of acoustic, dubs, covers and out-takes, released in December of 2009. Originally, the album began as an acoustic album, but then transformed into a collection of songs with many different styles and textures. "Rarities" was very well received and ranked in the top 50 USA reggae albums on I-tunes and was the number 1 Reggae album on Cdbaby.com for several months.

77 Jefferson's most recent album, "In The Right Mood," was released in July of 2010, and has ranked in the top 50 USA reggae albums on I-tunes, peaking at number 33, and also did very well on Cdbaby. "With In The Right Mood, 77 Jefferson has produced a quality record. It is most certainly an album that you can press play and enjoy from beginning to end," wrote Thereggaereview.com. Band member Miles Brown, recorded and produced all three of 77's albums and "In The Right Mood" is receiving growing airplay on national and international radio stations and podcasts. Miles also recently recorded 77's long-time friend and collaborator Josh Heinrichs' new album, "Josh Heinrichs and Friends," featuring many legendary reggae artists such as Aston "Familyman" Barrett of Bob Marley and The Wailers, Hani of Katchafire, Caleb Keolanui and BW from The Green, Koko of Inna Vision, Cas Haley, 77's own Joel Castillo and many more. The album blew up and peaked at number 4 on the top 50 USA reggae albums on I-tunes.

77 was recently featured on "The Pier EXPOSED Volume 1," which was put together and hand-picked by a group of nationally well respected reggae artists from John Brown's Body, Passafire, and several more. 77 won the 2009 Pitch Awards "Best Reggae Band" in Kansas City, MO and has been getting steady, and growing amounts of air-play on radio staions across the country.

77 loves creating music and have met many great people and bands while traveling throughout the U.S. and is truly moved and motivated by all of their fans, friends, and support from their families. 77 just finished recording their 4th album, which is scheduled for release May 6th, new tour dates up now.

Josh Heinrichs

In the summer of 2010, Josh Heinrichs will be releasing his highly anticipated, first full length, solo album since disbanding Jah Roots last year. The album, ‘Josh Heinrichs & Friends,' will feature a diverse & highly talented mix from today's current, international, reggae scene. Some of the artists collaborating in the studio with Josh are Cas Haley, members of Katchafire, Inna Vision, Ooklah The Moc, Clear Conscience, 77 Jefferson, as well as others, yet to be announced.

The reggae band, Jah Roots, was founded by Josh Heinrichs in 2001, along with four musician-friends from his hometown of Springfield, MO. Over the following eight years, they released five studio albums and toured extensively throughout the USA. During this time, Heinrichs wrote a number of songs that eventually gained fantastically large on-line notoriety, and were downloaded en masse all over the world. The band's success was recognized in the official media outlets of such locales as Guam, Hawaii & New Zealand. However, after years playing to overflowing crowds at outdoor festivals and packed mid-sized venues, the toll of non-stop touring began to take a personal toll, & Heinirchs decided to step away from the band he had taken so far, in order to devote more time to his wife & children.

Throngs of Jah Roots fans, whose numbers spanned across the globe, were understandably saddened to learn of their favorite bands dissolution. However, in very short order, they had their collective spirits buoyed, when in the spring of 2009, it was announced that Josh Heinrichs would be moving forward & recording/performing as a solo artist. Shortly following his announcement, Heinrichs released, the appropriately entitled EP, ‘Things Change,' & toured in support, with a new band "Josh Heinrichs & The Soul Riddim Band." The new band's lineup was comprised of talented musicians whose previous work Heinrichs had long admired. The "Things Change" tour played throughout 2009, stopping in various locations throughout the midwest, west coast, and Hawaii. During the tour, the many fans that turned out to support Heinrichs' new musical vision were thrilled to discover Heinrichs, with help from his new band, was still performing their favorite Jah Roots standards -in addition to- delivering the current, and evolving music he was writing as a solo artist.

Aside from his work with his new band, Heinrichs has also toured extensively with his friend, & musical spar, Cas Haley. They've performed numerous shows as an acoustic duet, & have even recorded ‘Favorites,' an as-yet-unreleased album of exciting new takes on their favorite classic reggae songs.

With the release date for Josh's new album quickly approaching, new & longtime fans alike will be growing increasingly eager to hear the new album, & all that Josh has to offer as a solo artist; an offering that'll be greatly enhanced this time around by such an amazing roster of talented friends.



Midwest reggae music is reaching a new frontier and SkillinJah is blazing the trail. SkillinJah may seem new to the reggae scene, but is really going on
his 15th year in the business. Despite having over 200 singles
recorded and released through various labels (VP, Sony) and with
notable producers (Dean Frasier, Donahue Baker) & doing multiple stage
shows from Jamaica to New York(Sumfest, Sting) it seems people are
just now starting to catch on to his undeniable talent and skill that
he has had plenty of time to perfect. With the release of his latest 2
albums in less than a years time,(Emergency Spliff & Reality) on his
former Jah Roots bandmates label, GanJah Records, SkillinJah has seen
2, iTunes & Amazon Top 10 best selling reggae album debuts and 3
official music videos as well (Emergency Spliff, Skilla Dan Dem &
Ganja). SkillinJah, who was on a hiatus from performing live for a few years has recently been performing live again at select shows, with every crowd member singing along to his songs, already knowing them
word for word... It seems it's only a matter of time before the rest
of the reggae world will catch on and fall in love with SkillinJah as



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