A Tribute to 20 Years of Wu Tang Bangers! - The Lady Wu w/ H*Wood & DJ Fiv8, Kitty Crimes & DJ's Diabolic & Izer

Lady Wu Tang

There is no other crew in hip-hop that epitomizes the creative force of masculinity than the Wu-Tang Clan. Made up of all things New York City, (loyalty, grit, talent..) the lyricists spawned a nation of killa beez based on true to living verses and the multi-member posse immediately had an impact on hip-hop culture.

It would be years later from the first inception of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) that nine women would take the stage at The Walnut Room in Denver, CO for the first “Hip-hop Covers Presents” themed show. Already established artists (poets, MC’s, deejays, etc) the women come together under the guise of performance theater.

Featuring the most prominent female emcees/artists/poets in Denver, the lady Wu consists of: LadySpeech Sankofa, starring as Ghostface, Ebony “Isis Speaks” Booth, in the role of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Bianca Mikahn as Raekwon, Suzi Q. Smith playing Method Man, DJ Bella Scratch as Inspectah Deck, DJ Manizer in the role of GZA, Xencs L. Wing starring as RZA, and Ralonda Simmons as U-God and other vocals.

In addition to the performance theater aspect of an all female cover band immersed in the hip-hop grit of the Wu, this is the opportunity to broaden the talent pool in a male dominated arena. Using the words and mannerisms of some of the most ingenious characters in hip-hop for narration, the ladies portray those brilliant hip-hop hooligans with astounding accuracy.

Kitty Crimes

....Is the city I live in. The city of Denver. Lonely as I am, together we MEOW.

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