The Wave Commission

The Wave Commission

White Teeth

White Teeth is a San Francisco based new wave post punk pop garage act that formed in 2012.

The sound can be described as having melodic elements of new wave like Tears for Fears or The Cure, rhythmically driving reminiscent of late 70's punk glued together by clean jangly guitars that give an element of garage rock.

After an incubation period and several lineup changes the band recorded BEWARE AND WELCOME EP at Tiny Telephone with the help of engineer Matthew Colecchi.


LikKer is a two-piece band originally from Southern California and currently located in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Both members have been playing together for several years as well as playing with other Bay Area bands for the past few years. Likker is made up of Liz Brooks-Sigala on vocals, keys, and ukelele and Kern Sigala on guitar, bass, and drums. Together they blend elements of indie/alternative rock and reggae to deliver a unique sound with catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics.


Desert rat transplants to San Francisco.


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