The Vile Impurity

The Vile Impurity

The Vile Impurity are a tech-death metal band from Springfield, Illinois. Miles Ellegoods outstanding guitar playing and Pete Rocks thunderous drumming set out a new level of intensity in Summer of 2010. They recruited Dustin Ogle for his brutal vocal offering, bringing the voice that brought the sound together. Aaron Kaufmanns tremendous bass playing was the only missing piece the band needed to finish the line-up. Immediately, results began to flourish and the band quickly found themselves in the studio recording their first e.p. titled, "Sanctity In Ruin." After releasing the e.p. under the name, After the Burning, they quickly began building popularity in the surrounding music scene.


"I think these dudes are either from St. Louis or the Chicago area and played the St. Louis show. I don't know, though what I do know is that wherever they rest their heads at night, chances are a few hundred alphabetized death metal CDs and homemade wallpaper consisting of all those fold-out posters that used to come with the print version of Metal Maniacs stare back at them as tales of "Vile Impurity" and "Spite Driven Hate" dance around their collective subconscious. This quartet is the sort that straddle the rip-roarin' old school and the technique-obsessed new-school. In the end, they kind of fall into the same school as bands like Abysmal Dawn, Aeon and Neuraxis."

Show offers began pouring in with great opportunities for the band. They began sharing the stage with such talented acts as Origin, The Browning, Periphery, Abysmal Dawn, Wretched, Goatwhore, and many others. Their vigorous ambition and extreme dedication led them back to the studio the following year to begin efforts for their next release. The newest album, titled "Anathema," is set for release in early 2012. Jake Lahniers (Lividity) replaced Aaron Kaufmann, bringing a whole new breath of intensity to the line-up. Along with the line-up change, the band decided to change their name to identify the ferocious entity the band has encompassed. The Vile Impurity are determined to stop at nothing to deliver the brutalist of music, represented by their intense and raw energy on and off the stage, keeping them hungry and chomping at the bit of any opportunity presented. Touring in support of "Anathema" will begin Spring of 2012 after the albums release. The Vile Impurity is a band to keep a watchful eye on, for their aspirations for greatness keep them focused and motivated to turn heads every which way that they look, or as they state lyrically, "Devastation which you will never forget!"



Mechanical Death

Born in 82, Lived in Las Vegas since he was 5, got a guitar when he was 12, a drum machine when he was 16 and the rest is history. Mechanical Death back then was called Termeed and started playing shows in 2000. Still in Vegas and raring to get heard Mechanical Death will hit the scene hard in 2012 with a new genera of metal I like to call industrial-metal unlike anything you've heard.

$5.00 - $7.00


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